Top 8 Ideas To Make Your Bathroom A Comfort Zone

A bathroom or washroom as it is referred to now, is the most used room in your home so it should be decorated in a way to make it into a personal peaceful sanctuary. The first thing is to ensure that the bathroom is not cramped but comfortable enough where you can spend doing your basics in comfort and peace in a congenial and pleasant environment.

A Soothing Color

Colors often have a very soothing effect on us. White or blue color has the tendency to make you serene or calm, so lying back in the bath with a sense of the blue sky on the ceiling or the reflection of the blue color in the water of the tub can have a very calming effect. Besides these other pastel colors can also do wonders. Sometimes to create a feeling of comfort a combination of two or more colors can do the trick.


Surround yourself with Luxurious Wallpaper

Wallpaper on one wall of the bathroom can give a royal look. From digital prints to textured wall coverings, floral and pacific patterns or natural finishes of stone, brick or wood can all look quite regal, but ensure that the wallpaper is of a washable nature.

Freestanding or Natural Stone Bathtubs

Natural stone bathtubs come in a variety of sleek designs with soft flowing lines and seamless curves thus becoming a focal point around which you can plan all other features. A contemporary bathroom can also be complimented with stylish free standing bathtubs.

Warm & Snug Accessories

Bathroom slippers and bathmats should be in colors complementing the décor of the bathroom. Extra soft towels and exclusive bathroom linens will all give a very warm and snug feel and the extra comfort. Stylish accessories like towel holders, soap dispensers are a great way to accentuate the comfort factor in your bathroom. If possible underfloor heating is a luxury that will simply be a wow factor.

Lighting at Strategic Points

Install scones directly on the bathroom mirror so that the light reflects all over giving it the illusion of a bigger room. At times one single ceiling light fixture is enough for small bathrooms spreading the light around the whole room.

Scented Candles

Candles smell good and create a feeling of serenity and peace. Place candles with different scents like vanilla, cinnamon and ocean breeze to give that oomph factor to your bathroom and help you to relax.


Music-an Important Feature

Your favorite tunes are enough to bring a smile to your lips. Music is easily available whether it is an iPod, cell phone or any CD player to play a beat to suit your mood. A luxurious bubble bath with calming music is the ultimate after a long day.

Mirrored Walls

Glamorize your bathroom with floor to ceiling mirrors that will help to brighten and enlarge the bathroom even better than white paint would.

Whether you use your bathroom to escape from the stressful life for a little solitude or to get ready for some event there are numerous ways to create an ideal atmosphere in the bathroom. You just need to find the methods that work best for you.

In most of the situations, bathrooms are usually never given proper importance; be the importance in form of storage space or even organizing their items. And there won’t any advantage for construction your bathroom more like a big room if you don’t even have space for placing your necessary items.

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