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My name is Nicole and I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and a mother.


My husband and I have been married for four years and we have a son – whom I refer to on the blog as my Little Troublemaker – named Ethan. My world revolves around them and I love them to bits.

I worked in the call center industry for seven years and recently decided to quit to become a WAHM (work-at-home mom) and take care of my son. It was one of the toughest decisions of my life as I felt that I was throwing away all of the professional experience I gained over the years, but now I realize that it was the best decision I ever made. Now I am able to work from the comfort of my home and be with my son 24/7. My job is very rewarding and I couldn’t be happier!


Why did I decide to blog?

I used to blog a few years ago but decided to shut it down as I felt that I wasn’t ready to take blogging seriously. I also could not figure out my niche to get me started and the blog was a mess. After taking down the blog I forgot all about it and focused my time on my call center job.

When I got pregnant with Ethan I was always googling things related to pregnancy and childbirth. After my husband and I decided to give birth at Makati Medical Center, I tried researching about others’ birthing experience there but could not find any updated information. A month after giving birth to Ethan, I realized that I could share my experience with other mothers, and that’s when I decided to start my blog. Eventually, I thought of sharing my experiences as a first-time mom and soon figured out my niche. This blog is here to stay!



Why “The Clueless Mom”?

I was literally clueless when I gave birth to Ethan! I have never taken care of a baby before, and we did not have any babies in the family prior to my pregnancy. As a clueless mom, I use the blog to share things I discover as I journey through Motherhood. I am sure there are other moms like me out there, and I am writing specifically for them.


For inquiries, product reviews, and sponsored posts, you can send me an email at thecluelessmom@gmail.com

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