My Toddler’s Wardrobe

When my son was less than a year old, he was always showered with gifts, especially clothes. There were always a few pieces that he never got to wear because he outgrew them too soon. Even with the surplus of clothes, my husband and I still liked buying him a few unique pieces we’d find while shopping.

Now that my son’s a toddler, his wardrobe has significantly decreased to a few basics. We no longer buy him cute costumes and matching clothes or ternos. These are the staples in my toddler’s wardrobe.


No brainer, with the tropical weather and all. I bought him two packs of these in time for summer along with lampins which we insert between his back and his sando or shirt to absorb any sweat. I got these sandos at Robinsons Department Store for about P300 for a pack of three. I bought them in a bigger size so he won’t outgrow them easily.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph



My son has a good number of shirts which were pasalubongs from my parents’ trip to the US and Canada last year. He wears them when we go out, and sometimes at bedtime when his pajamas are in the laundry. We still but him new ones once in a while, like these from Uniqlo (UT Collection) and Cotton On Kids. I like how they are super soft and breathable, I bet they’re comfy too.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


He only has two pairs of pants – jeans for days out at the mall and jogging pants for his afternoon walks. We used to buy him pants all the time but we realized it wasn’t practical because he rarely goes out. I scored these GAP jogging pants at a tiangge in Festival Mall for P150, I liked how comfy they felt and that they were thick enough for in case he tripped and scraped his knees. Too bad there weren’t many of the same kind, they mostly had leggings and skirts for girls.


toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


We don’t stock up on pambahay shorts because my son keeps cool by wearing just a sando and his diapers while indoors. I prefer it that way because it means less laundry plus I can easily see when his diapers need to be changed. He does have a pair of shorts that we bought from Gingersnaps that he occasionally wears on days out at the mall. I like to pack it as a spare for his jeans.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomphtoddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


He used to have four pairs of shoes but when my sister in law gave him these Spongebob Crocs last Christmas, he would never wear another pair. He has grown fond of them to the point that he would not even try a new pair of shoes! Now we just stick to this one, he walks fine in them and I like how they’re easy to clean. I think though that it would be nice for him to have a pair of sandals to alternate with plus I’m a big fan of sandals – they’re comfy and casual and I just love them. The thing though with boy’s sandals is that there aren’t many designs to choose from in malls – mostly cartoon characters or typical patterns unlike girl’s sandals. I love browsing girl’s shoes and sandals because I like imagining how I would dress a baby girl if I had one. When I’m randomly browsing online stores I can’t help but check them out them – all the laces and pink, frills and purples and everything else girly. You can check out ZALORA Marketplace for cute finds for your little one like sandals for baby girls and you’ll see what I mean!

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph

When we don’t have the AC on, I only have him wear a shirt to bed so that he feels cool. But for most days, which is when we have the AC on, I let him jump into these pajamas. They came in a pack of three from Mothercare and were a gift from his grandpa. I prefers these because he’s covered from the neck down, making him less susceptible to mosquito bites so that we don’t need to slather mosquito repellents all the time. Since he only uses them at night, I hang them in the morning and let him use them again at bedtime.

toddler wardrobe - thecluelessmomph


That sums up the current staples in my toddler’s wardrobe. I like to think that keeping this clothes to a minimum is practical and he gets to wear everything – no more feeling bad when he outgrows a piece of clothing. If I do need to buy him a new shirt once in a while I buy it in a bigger size so that he can use it longer – nothing too awkwardly big though!

What staples do you have in your toddler’s closet? Share them with me in the comments below.



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February Family Date x Lunch at Chili’s Alabang

A few weeks ago, my Little Troublemaker was confined because of a really bad asthma attack on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been very careful not to expose him to smoke or let him run around too much – anything that can trigger a cough, until he was done with his medication.

Because of this I couldn’t take him out or bring him to Fun Ranch, and though we always have fun just being at home, I missed spending weekends out with him and my husband. After he completed his medication his breathing improved drastically but he had to continue with his maintenance so that his respiratory system would not be prone to colds and cough after his recovery. But because he was already healthy enough to run about, my husband and I decided to take him out with us one Sunday – to hear Mass and enjoy a meal together.

We arrived too early for the Mass at St. Jerome Emiliani Parish, so we decided to take a stroll and try to get the Little Troublemaker to take a nap because he might get impatient at the Church.

We brought him to Alabang Town Center and had him go on some rides until he was sleepy, he usually takes a nap before lunch time.




Our plan failed miserably, because this kid was too excited to take a nap! We ended up missing the Mass so we decided to have lunch instead.

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The Little Troublemaker and the Clingy Morning

I woke up still sleepy from working a few extra hours last night. My head was killing me and my back hurt, probably because I was sleeping in an awkward position to make way for Ethan.

Tch. Bed-hogger.

He wasn’t there when I woke up, meaning someone let him out of the room while I was asleep. It was most likely my mom – we’re spending a few days here at my parents’ house – and she’s always excited to greet Ethan in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed and made my way out of the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Ethan with my mom’s maid sitting on the couch watching TV. When I greeted him and turned to head to the bathroom, he stood up in a hurry and ran after me – crying!

We were so surprised because he’s not like that, I mean, he’s clingy but not THAT clingy! I told him to wait for me because I had to use the bathroom, which of course, he understood PERFECTLY, and stepped into the bathroom with me. Haha. My mom pulled him back so I could use the bathroom and do my business, and he cried even more! Goodness, where did that come from?! When I opened the bathroom door, he clung to my legs and would not let go!

So I was walking back to the bedroom with this 13 kilo bed-hogger strapped to my leg. Everyone was laughing because he looked so silly, but when I looked down he was dead serious and did not want to let go. Soon after we were jumping on the bed, taking selfies and laughing hysterically at our silly antics, and all was well with the world.

Too sweet.

Ethan’s a sweet little guy – he loves kisses and hugs and putting stuff on my head pretending they’re all hats . But I’ve never seen him get upset over something like what happened this morning. Was he just being sweet for wanting to be next to me? Or should I just call it as it is – clingy? I guess it’s just one of those days. He’s not that clingy when I leave him to run errands or go on movie dates with my husband. In fact, he doesn’t make a scene. So yeah, just one of those days.

How about you, mommies? Any clingy moments with your kids lately?

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Thursdate: Our 2nd Visit to Fun Ranch Alabang

Two weeks ago I was supposed to take Ethan to Fun Ranch, but I couldn’t because there was a storm, then the week after we both got sick with stuffy noses. Last Thursday though, the weather was nice and we were snot-free (LOL) so I decided to finally take Ethan out for our 2nd visit to Fun Ranch Alabang so he could get active and meet other kids.



You gotta love Fun Ranch on a weekday. There weren’t too many kids so the play areas weren’t crowded, it was too bad though that there weren’t any kids who were his age. Bummer, but he still had a lot of fun! The weekday rate is P190 for an hour, and the accompanying adult for kids below three get to enter for free (Oooooh, that rhymed). You need to have socks to be able to enter the play area, but if you’re not wearing any or if you forgot to bring a pair, you can buy from them instead. They sell socks for both kids and adult at P50 each.

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Fridate With The Little Troublemaker

I was supposed to be off from work yesterday but I’ve decided to work twelve days straight since pay day is just around the corner. I know that it seems a bit extreme, but I love my job and I don’t mind putting in a few extra hours to help add to our savings. I was pretty tired today, but I decided to spend some time with Ethan. I figured he would appreciate being outside for a change, we’ve been cooped up in the house the whole week.

We don’t have a car so I couldn’t take him to a nearby mall, but my mom mentioned she was going to pick up some groceries at Rustan’s Evia, so I thought we could tag along and we could have coffee while Ethan ran around the mini (really mini) play area.

As soon as we arrived at Evia we accompanied our mom to Rustan’s and we were in and out within 15 minutes. After leaving the groceries in the car we headed to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We were hoping there would be new establishments in Evia by now but I guess most of them will not open till Christmas season. I really hope they build a cinema, so that my husband and I won’t have to go far to watch a movie! Not that Alabang Town Center is far, it’s just that sometimes we’re just too busy.. or lazy!

Ethan at the play area
Ethan at the play area
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