The Little Troublemaker and the Clingy Morning

I woke up still sleepy from working a few extra hours last night. My head was killing me and my back hurt, probably because I was sleeping in an awkward position to make way for Ethan.

Tch. Bed-hogger.

He wasn’t there when I woke up, meaning someone let him out of the room while I was asleep. It was most likely my mom – we’re spending a few days here at my parents’ house – and she’s always excited to greet Ethan in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed and made my way out of the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Ethan with my mom’s maid sitting on the couch watching TV. When I greeted him and turned to head to the bathroom, he stood up in a hurry and ran after me – crying!

We were so surprised because he’s not like that, I mean, he’s clingy but not THAT clingy! I told him to wait for me because I had to use the bathroom, which of course, he understood PERFECTLY, and stepped into the bathroom with me. Haha. My mom pulled him back so I could use the bathroom and do my business, and he cried even more! Goodness, where did that come from?! When I opened the bathroom door, he clung to my legs and would not let go!

So I was walking back to the bedroom with this 13 kilo bed-hogger strapped to my leg. Everyone was laughing because he looked so silly, but when I looked down he was dead serious and did not want to let go. Soon after we were jumping on the bed, taking selfies and laughing hysterically at our silly antics, and all was well with the world.

Too sweet.

Ethan’s a sweet little guy – he loves kisses and hugs and putting stuff on my head pretending they’re all hats . But I’ve never seen him get upset over something like what happened this morning. Was he just being sweet for wanting to be next to me? Or should I just call it as it is – clingy? I guess it’s just one of those days. He’s not that clingy when I leave him to run errands or go on movie dates with my husband. In fact, he doesn’t make a scene. So yeah, just one of those days.

How about you, mommies? Any clingy moments with your kids lately?

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