Quick Tip 3: Stinky Bottles?

If your baby’s bottles were left unwashed and are now stinky,
add baking soda to your bottle cleaning routine!

Baking soda is known to get rid of odor, and it’s all natural too! You can fill the stinky bottles with a mixture of soap, water and baking soda, shake the bottle with the nipple and cap, then let it sit for a few minutes. In most cases, even a quick wash will do the trick!

Don't give your baby a stinky bottle!
Don’t give your baby a stinky bottle!

Don’t forget to sterilize, as usual!

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Quick Tip 2: Teething Relief

If your baby needs quick relief for teething,
pop his teether in the fridge!

The cold will soothe your baby’s gums and decrease the swelling. You can leave it in the fridge when not in use or you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes if you need to cool them again. Don’t give your baby a frozen teether!

 Gel Teethers are ideal popping in the fridge! Image from Amazon
Gel Teethers are ideal popping in the fridge!
Image from Amazon

It would be ideal to purchase a teether with a handle so that your little one’s hands aren’t as cold as where the gel is.

It is best to consult your child’s pediatrician when he starts teething.
This tip is intended for quick relief and is not mean to be a remedy.

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Quick Tip 1: Baby Got Diarrhea?

If your baby has diarrhea,
try feeding him bananas and yogurt !
Bananas replace potassium and electrolytes lost during diarrhea, and help stools become a bit more solid.
Yogurt has probiotics which helps get rid of bad bacteria and is good for the tummy!
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The tip above should not replace professional advice. Babies with can easily get dehydrated, and the tip above does not address that. I am simply sharing this tip that helped improve my son’s stools while he was on his medication. A lot of mom’s swear by this combo, but please your pediatrician first above everything else. This is not intended to be a remedy.
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