My Visit to Perps Skin and Body Center (MedSpa)

Last month has been nothing short of crazy. I was recently promoted at my work-from-home job (hooraaay!) and I now handle a team of virtual assistants. With the added responsibilities came bundled added stress, I mean can you imagine being on your computer for eight hours straight? The first few weeks at my new post took a toll on my back, because I did not have a proper office chair to support it entirely.

So when I remembered that I had an invitation to try out the MedSpa services of the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to de-stress and relax! A big shout out to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for making this possible.

My Visit to Perps Skin and Body Center

Perps Skin and Body Center (MedSpa) offers a variety of services such as facials, body treatments, dermatological treatments, and massages.


I was scheduled to visit Perps Skin and Body Center just this Monday, November 23. It is part of the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center’s Wellness Complex, which is easy to spot along Alabang-Zapote Road, just across KFC Times. When you enter the Wellness Complex, the MedSpa is at the first door on the right.

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Waiting For Something Beautiful

I’ve been having an unbelievable streak of bad luck these past few months. Do you know that feeling when nothing seems to be going your way – as in nothing? It’s as if I’m being picked on by the universe.

  • In March, my husband and I decided to finally buy our very own car. Spanking brand new one. In a week, the hood got damaged when it hit the gate while we were parking it.
  • I was having an extremely difficult time coping with my job – I couldn’t meet my weekly goals but for everyone else, it was smooth sailing. Imagine telling your client for five days straight that you booked them zero appointments no matter how hard you tried!
  • Early in April both my son and I got sick, and my son is still under maintenance for his bad asthma attack from New Year’s day. He had a terrible cough and cold and he couldn’t sleep well for weeks. His meds were expensive and it was difficult to see him sick.
  • A few weeks later, I fell victim to an ATM skimming device scam, and lost one month’s worth of my salary. Would you believe that my Chinese horoscope predicted a “robbery” in the fourth month of 2015. Surprise, surprise.
  • A week after that, my client was about to cancel their contract with me because they weren’t satisfied with my output. I was hanging by a thread but they decided to give me another month.

You might think I’m being overdramatic, and maybe I am, but when things like this pile up you just feel like your at your wit’s end. I guess what hit me hard the most was losing our money, because we had important plans for that money.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve cried last month. There were times when I just wanted to stay in bed and mope all day, times when I wanted to down a bucket of ice cream and boxes of pizza, and times when I just wanted to curse at everyone. But I can’t, and I won’t. Because I’ve been through tougher times and worse things, and especially because I wasn’t raised to be weak in the face of hardship.

I keep telling myself to still be thankful,

..that we’re not broke, that we have a roof over our heads and that we still eat three times a day.

..that Ethan is better now, that I still have my job, and that our car is still intact.

..that I have a family who cares, that I have a husband who works hard for us and always reminds me to stay positive.

..and that I have a son whose smile gets me through the toughest days.

Life may suck right now, but a friend told me that despite everything that’s going on, something great is bound to happen. And I believe her. You know that song by Robbie Williams, “Something Beautiful”? The lyrics really refer to finding love, but there’s this part of the song that I like a lot that I relate to life in general:

“May you find that love that won’t leave you
May you find it by the end of the day
You won’t be lost, hurt, tired and lonely
Something beautiful will come your way”

I always remind myself that things will get better, that “something beautiful” will eventually happen. No matter how bad some days can be, I still pray and thank Him for the good things – for having people I love who help me get through these bad days. Sure, tomorrow could be worse than the day I was scammed, or the day I almost lost my job, but I believe that tomorrow is still something worth looking forward to no matter how much bad luck as rained on me.. because tomorrow might be the day that “something beautiful” happens to me.

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The Months That Went By In a Blur

I can’t believe it’s been weeks since I last blogged. I miss the blog so much, I felt like a stranger when I logged on to my dashboard. I was caught up in a spiral of endless responsibilities at home and deadlines at work, but in all the chaos I always managed to make time for my husband and Ethan.

My parents traveled out of the country and were gone for more than two weeks, and since they don’t like leaving the house to the help alone they asked me to stay over to manage the expenses and make sure the house was in one piece when they got back. I brought Ethan along and although it was nice having my mom’s helpers around I still missed our house, doing my own chores, cooking and cleaning. Who would’ve thought mamimiss ko yun?

Their trip was amazing – they went to Mexico, Canada, with a side trip to New York and New Jersey. It really was a business trip for my dad but he always brings my mom to these events. They got to visit Xenotes in Cancun and as part of the tour they had to ride the zip line, swim, jump off a 20 foot cliff and rapel down a cave! Whaaaat?! That doesn’t sound like my parents at all, but yeah they’ve got pictures to prove it. They also got to experience first day of snow in Canada. My mom, being a stay-at-home mom, has always wanted to go places and see the world, and I’m glad my dad is able to make that happen. The best thing about their trip was of course the pasalubong!

Bracelets and a coin purse from Mexico
Washi tapes from Canada

They also bought Ethan lots of new shirts from the outlet stores, and they got big sizes so that they could still fit him next year.

My uncle in Canada also gave us my cousins’ old books. I was so thrilled because I’ve been meaning to build up a book collection for Ethan!




While my parents were on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I was struggling at home to meet our monthly quota at work – October was our most challenging month. Though the first few weeks were extremely difficult, it eventually got better. However, we were still two bookings short of our goal. TWO BOOKINGS! It was a bit frustrating, so as soon as November arrived I worked my a$* off so I could book a lot as early as possible and increase our chances of meeting the month’s goal. You might be wondering what I’m actually trying to ‘book’, let’s just say it’s real estate related. It’s pretty tough, but I’m always trying my best.

My washified hard drive – an attempt to relieve stress while working.

But enough about me.. what about Ethan? He’s still as precious as ever. He’s learning new things almost everyday, he’s one happy kid! Here’s a list of things he’s been up to:

  • He is perfecting his ” bye-bye” routine. Quick story. One morning I was randomly singing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”, and when I got to “…do you want to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowmaaaa—-“, Ethan suddenly blurted out “BYYYYEEE BYYYEEEE!!!!!”. I did not teach him that. Though it was a funny coincidence, I am saddened by the fact that he does not want to build a snowman with me. LOL.
  • He learned how to stack blocks. He has this set of blocks that he’s been ignoring for the longest time, he’s always focused on anything and everything with wheels. I decided to sit down and show him how to stack the blocks, which side went where and how to keep the stack steady. I was glad that he took interest in this activity. In two days, he managed to stack all the blocks on his own. Proud mommy moment. What’s funny though is that he always stacks a random toy at the top of the pile of blocks – like a cherry on a sundae. Adorable.


  • He is now brave enough to go out the door. Before, he would just stare at us when we’d go out to throw the trash or do laundry. Now, he follows us outside – barefoot – and heads for the gate. And yes, he knows how to open the gate.
  • He is obsessed with Peppa Pig. Obsessed! It’s our fault though, because when we discovered the show my husband and I downloaded some episodes and got hooked ourselves. Yes, we were amused by the daily life of Peppa Pig and her friends and family. She’s a cheeky little pig. When he hears Peppa singing he’s all kilig and sometimes he even claps his hands! I now know all the lyrics to the songs Peppa and her friends sing, even the Bing Bong Song.

  • He knows the sound ducks make – all thanks to Peppa Pig! There are some episodes where ducks make an appearance on the show, and when they do, all they say is “Quack quack quack” (Silly me, what else are they supposed to say?). One morning while I was bathing Ethan, I remembered that I got a rubber duck from the freebies at the Fun Ranch Halloween Party. I handed it to him and he inspected it for a few seconds, then said “Kak kak kak!”. At first I thought it was plain gibberish. As he kept repeating the words “Kak kak kak”, I finally realized he was trying to say “Quack quack quack”! Too cute!
  • I also noticed how he tries to copy dances he sees on TV, like when he’s watching Hi5. When I see him doing this I immediately dance along with him to encourage him to continue what he’s doing. Sometimes, when we’re at my parent’s house, I’d ask him to dance by clapping a beat and saying the word “dance”, and he usually responds with either a cute baby dance or he just turns around in circles until he’s dizzy.

Whew! This has turned into a really long post. I sure missed this. I have so much more stories to tell you! They’ll have to wait though for another day. Dirty diapers are calling! A big shout out my fellow bloggers at Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I miss you mommies!

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