Unique Arches for Children — Environmental Friendliness of Furniture and Fun for a Child

The ground-breaking Montessori climbing arch is one of the arches of Dr. Maria Montessori has developed toys that can be used in as many ways as the Montessori climbing triangle. It is a valuable wooden learning toy for small and large children and accompanies the entire growing-up process. Climbing can improve motor skills and movement safety.

The main difference of montessori arches from the climbing triangle is that children cannot simply cross the highest point but can cross it, for example, lying on their stomach, so that a change of direction is possible.

Arch unique features

The Montessori Arch is a wooden climbing arch with rungs specially designed for children. The optimal thickness of the bars ensures stability and ensures that children's hands can quickly grasp and hold them. So secure retention is possible.

The climbing arch has the shape of a curved staircase, along which the child can first climb and descend from one side only and then completely cross it. The climbing arch is by no means suitable for climbing only. It opens a spectrum of possibilities for action for every age group up to high school age.

How to use

The Montessori climbing arch supports creative, independent, and imaginative play and trains a sense of balance. It can be used from 10 months to 6 years. It also serves as a lifting device and hanging base for other optional parts such as a slide board. Arch is multifunctional:

  • The Montessori climbing arch can be easily transformed into a cozy cave or tunnel with a blanket.
  • With optional parts such as a slide board, our Montessori climbing arch can be extended to a swing, slide, climbing wall, etc.
  • A problematic track can be built with a climbing triangle and a slide board.

The shape of the Montessori climbing arch is designed so that children can climb in a healthy and ergonomic position. Improper posture is avoided, especially for beginners, and toddlers can playfully rediscover and test their motor skills.

Montessori climbing arch made of wood

The Montessori climbing arch is exceptionally durable and can withstand intense play for a long time. All corners are rounded, the screw is not visible. The manufacturers attach great importance to good quality when it comes to quality.

When little climbers become experts thanks to excellent and, above all, versatile accessories (such as slide, ramp, climbing wall, or climbing net), you will have the opportunity to transform your existing Pikler climbing arch into a climbing arch. It is a natural adventure playground! This way, the kids won't get bored, and you will be able to increase their motor skills significantly.