Review: Human Nature’s Bug Shield DEET-free Lotion

This is not a paid review. The product was a personal purchase and this post is my honest opinion of Human Nature’s Bug Shield DEET-free Lotion.


Last year, I wrote about keeping my kid dengue-free with natural products and talked about Human Nature’s Bug Shield Oil. I mentioned how I liked the product but found the consistency to be too thick for my son’s skin and I also found the scent too strong.

Review - Human Nature's DEET-Free Bug Shied Lotion I

Recently, while doing some grocery shopping I remembered that the Little Troublemaker had a number of mosquito bites on his legs that morning, so I decided to grab some mosquito repellent. I was relieved to see that Rustan’s carried Human Nature products and looked for the Bug Shield Oil. While scanning the shelves I noticed that they had Human Nature’s Bug Shield DEET-free Lotion which cost only P99.75, and out of curiosity I decided to try it out.

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