My Son’s First Birthday Supplier Reviews (Part 1)

Hi mommies! The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me because I was preparing for my son’s first birthday. Now that it’s over I’m happy to say that it was a great success!

My favorite photo! Ethan’s hair looks weird because I had to cut it the night before
due to an eye infection. Obviously, I didn’t do a good job!

Like I did with his Baptism, I’ll be sharing my experience and his first birthday supplier reviews for the benefit of other mommies who are currently planning birthday parties!

Fun Ranch Alabang (Venue, Food, Balloons, Entertainment, Giveaways for Kids)
Chef Doks (Styrofoam Cake, Cupcakes, Giveaway Cookies)
DIY Venue Styling
MVP Photography (Photo Coverage)
GAMZ Photography (Photo Booth and Tarpaulin)

Since this will be quite a lengthy review, I’ve decided to divide it into two posts. This first part will consist of my reviews for all the services provided by Fun Ranch. The rest will be covered by my next post, so please look forward to that!



Since we are now based in the South, we had to look for venues within the Alabang – Las Pinas area. My husband and I decided not to hire a caterer this time and try something different. We wanted a venue that was kiddie-friendly – where kids can be kids. Not some fancy function hall. I was eyeing Shakey’s but there weren’t any Shakey’s branches around the area that were big enough to hold parties. I also inquired at Shakey’s Evia and they claim they only hold parties during weekdays, which was odd because most kiddie parties are held during weekends! So I had to cross Shakey’s off my list.

Now if you hang out or drive by Westgate regularly, I’m sure you’ve noticed the big barn behind SnR. Yes, I’m talking about Fun Ranch Alabang. I never knew they held kiddie parties until I looked them up online. Eventually I decided to pay them a visit and inquire about their kiddie party packages.

Party inclusions and freebies

I was assisted by Vener during my first visit to Fun Ranch and he gave me a leaflet with information to get me started. I would have loved to post a photo of the leaflet, but it’s now full of scribbles and stuff you can barely make out what it says so I’ll just explain everything as best as I can.

Update: I found a brochure with no scribbles! It’s different from the one they gave me, though. But for blogging purposes I guess this will do.

Fun Ranch Alabang has five rooms: Main Barn (80 pax), Skye’s Room (50-80 pax), Upper Barn (150-200 pax), Sunny’s Room (100 pax) and the Grand Barnyard (150-200 pax). Take note that the fee you pay for the venue is consumable for food and drinks (except Sunny’s Room, at least that’s what it says on the brochure). Weekend afternoons have the most expensive rates. We rented out the Main Barn on a Saturday between 2-5PM and it cost us P35,000. Also keep in mind that these rates are subject to 10% service charge.

Main Barn
Main Barn
Stage, with relatives helping with the set up.

The Main Barn was definitely enough to fit up to 60 of my confirmed guests, but I’m, pretty sure more than 60 arrived. Venue wise, I really liked Fun Ranch. The Main Barn was spacious enough especially for running kids. It was clean and everything was neat EXCEPT for the area near the bar (where they prepared the drinks, non alcoholic of course)! I had guests sitting across the bar and we could see mops and cases of empty bottles and whatnot. Ugh, I had to ask them to move so that they wouldn’t lose their appetite. Also some of the seats are worn out, but it wasn’t an issue for me, just an observation.

Another thing I would like to point out is how the staff is strict with the schedules. Since our party was only until 5PM, we had to wrap up even before then because there was another party at 6PM and they had to start prepping. This means that while your party is still ongoing they will start asking some guests if they can start arranging the tables for the next party. Now, you might find this extremely annoying, being rushed and all, but in my case I couldn’t blame them because our party started late – like almost an hour late, because most of my guests were late. Sigh. So anyway, that’s another thing to keep in mind when you decide to hold your party at Fun Ranch.

Venue Rating: 4/5
The location was convenient, it was spacious enough for my guests and was kiddie friendly. Would I hold another party here? Nah, I guess once is enough.


When I was researching about the food at Fun Ranch, I barely found any detailed reviews. I couldn’t get any food recommendations so I had to rely on their suggested “Favorites” while keeping my budget within the P35,000 consumable rate.

Since the party was held in the afternoon, I decided to go for a merienda menu. They offer plated food options and buffet options for meals, so it really depends on how you’d like the food to be served . If you decide to have a buffet, the food can be ordered for 15, 30, 50 or 100 pax. For example, you can order 100 pax of one food then 50 pax of another as long as your total does not exceed the consumable rate, otherwise you will have to pay extra. For the kids, I opted for the plated menu, specifically Combo 2: Fried Chicken, Party Style Spaghetti (you can also opt for Carbonara), French Fries (or Popcorn) and Iced Tea. It costs P175 per combo meal, so I ordered 15 for the kids. This way their food gets served right at their tables and the amount of food is just enough for one kid.

As for the adults and the rest of the guests, I chose to go buffet style. Here’s the list of food I ordered:

Carbonara (100 pax)
Chicken Cordon Bleu (50 pax)
Pork BBQ (100 pax)
Fish Fingers (50 pax)
Burgeritos (50 pax)
Bottomless Iced Tea (50 pax)

The food. We didn’t get a photo of the Carbonara, though.

I have to say that all the food was “so-so”. Most of the food was a bit bland, the Pork BBQ was quite good though. What I like about Fun Ranch when it comes to food is that they can refill in case you run out of food, for an additional fee of course. But hey, it beats the embarrassment of running out of food and letting your guests go hungry! There are certain foods though that they cannot refill on the spot like the Chicken Cordon Bleu, they will advise you which ones can be refilled during the party. Another thing I really appreciated was how the staff kept me informed if I was about to run out of food or drinks. For example, I decided to order only 50 pax worth of drinks and then just add more if I needed to. The staff did not just go around serving extra bottomless iced teas to everyone, rather they took note of how many were served and immediately informed me when they were closing in to 50, then they would ask my permission first before serving more. The same goes with the food. They made sure I was updated about how much more food we had. I was too busy talking to my guests that I didn’t have time to take care of that, it’s a good thing that they did it for me.

Fun Ranch also offers food carts like cotton candy, mini hotdogs, pop corn, ice cream, etc. and can be covered by the consumable rate. Unfortunately, I did not have enough in my budget to rent one, but I guess we had enough food already which was good enough for me.

Food Rating: 3/5
The service was great, but I can’t say the same for the food.


This was one of my major disappointments.

Before I continue, let me explain that Fun Ranch has this policy wherein they charge a corkage fee of P1000 for any services/products that you avail from other merchants. This only applies to services that they already offer themselves.

So anyway, balloons. I decided not to look for another supplier and just avail their in-house balloon packages instead. I was thinking, they’re just balloons and all balloons are the same so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Right? Wrong.

Their cheapest package was P5000. I actually found it to be expensive, but when I browsed for balloons suppliers they were charging around the same figure so I decided to stick with Fun Ranch and avoid corkage fees. I decided on the colors and tweaked the package to remove the balloon centerpieces and balloons on sticks so I could add more to the floating balloons. They even offered me a free mini balloon arch for the cake. During the party, my first observation was that the balloons were of poor quality. I mean, the colors weren’t as bright and they easily popped. I know it’s what balloons do, but so many popped during the party. I was glad I removed the ones from the table centerpieces because we had a lot of babies at the party and I didn’t want the balloons popping in their faces! It was a major letdown, especially since we really didn’t have a theme and I was relying on the balloons to make the place nice and colorful. There was also a pattern they were supposed to follow, but they didn’t and just randomly strung the floating balloons together. Oh well.

Balloon Rating: 2/5
Low quality balloons for P5000? Never again.


Fun Ranch offers a wide array of entertainment options, from mascots, face and nail salons to animal shows. I never realized that these things cost so much until I planned this party. Here’s the list of activities and entertainment:

I chose the first option which included the party host, magician and balloon twister (not mentioned in the brochure) for P8500. I figured that with only three hours, a magic show and party games would suffice to keep people entertained.

Host. I forgot the host’s name, my bad! But she was pretty good. She approached me before the party began and explained the program she had planned. What I appreciated was that she was able to adjust the schedule for all activities even though most of my guests were late. She was friendly, she smiled a lot and she spoke English well. The games she conducted were typical party games but she brought an interesting twist to each one. She managed to get my brother, Chef Doks, to dance. LOL!

With the party host

Balloon Twister and Magician. I have to say, he was the highlight of the party. Most of the guests stood up from their seats just to get a closer look at his act. Even some Fun Ranch guests who happened to pass by stopped to watch. His tricks weren’t mind-blowing, but were definitely entertaining. He also encouraged the participation of a few kids. I didn’t realize that he was also the one twisting balloons earlier during the party. It helped keep the kids entertained while we were waiting for the other guests to arrive.

Entertainment Rating: 5/5
My guests were happy, that means they did a great job!


I have to admit that a week before my son’s birthday I still had no clue what I would purchase for giveaways. Many people suggest going DIY with cheap finds from Divisoria, but I just don’t have the time to go all the way there. I then realized that I saw sample lootbags at Fun Ranch, so I decided to avail those instead.

Fun Ranch offers two types of lootbags – a small backpack with goodies (P150 each) or a tote bag with goodies (P100 each). Actually, the goodies are the same either way, consisting of crayons, a coloring book and a random toy. I availed the tote bags and just added a pack of candies and cookies that we packed ourselves. The giveaway cookies were by my brother, Chef Doks.

Tote bags
Giveaway cookies. Gingerbread cookies topped with fondant

Giveaway Rating: 3/5
The contents of the tote bag could be better, but I personally found them good enough.

That concludes my review for Fun Ranch. It definitely is convenient holding your party here since they offer a lot of services as a one-stop party venue, however, I personally feel that they could improve some of their services and products to make the whole experience better and not just “so-so”. I guess the biggest pro here is the customer service provided by the staff. They were very accommodating and friendly.

I hope you all found this review useful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Or better yet, try contacting Fun Ranch if you have specific questions.

Please check out my next post, because I’ll be giving away a Fun Ranch referral slip which will get you freebies when you decide to hold a party at Fun Ranch! Do check it out!

Fun Ranch Alabang

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Surviving Without a Yaya

It’s been a while! I’m currently working on a LOOOOONG post about my son’s first birthday suppliers and I’m only halfway through because I’ve been so busy. I know it’s my same excuse every single time, but come on, we’re moms!

My son being adorable.

So anyway, I couldn’t focus much on blogging lately because I have to take care of my son full-time since my yaya (nanny) walked out on me. She was the first yaya I ever hired and honestly, she was good. She was always proactive and she didn’t require as much supervision. What I didn’t like about her was that she had this nasty attitude where she would always make snide comments while she’s next to the person she’s making fun of.

“Naku si Mama mo hindi nanaman daw magkakanin! Haha sige panindigan niya lang yan!”
(Your mom’s not going to eat rice again! Haha she should stick to that!)

I was right next to her when she said that. I was avoiding rice at the time because I was watching my weight as I was starting to gain dramatically. She did this to other people too. It became so annoying but I had to put up with it because I knew how hard it was to come by good help. One weekend I decided to let her take her day off because I needed her to be around the following weekend for my son’s first birthday. She left on a Saturday evening then promised to be back by Monday morning.

Then she pulled off a classic.

She texted me Monday morning claiming she couldn’t return yet because she had to bring her son to the doctor. I had to give her the benefit of the doubt, she used the “my child is sick” card and it would be cruel of me to accuse her of lying. Long story short, she didn’t come back and she spread stories about how I would make her starve and that I was hiding the coffee. Seriously? We always had food in the kitchen and I always bought coffee and left it on the dining room table. Why would I hide the coffee?? It turns out that the real reason why she did not come back was because she was offered a higher pay at another household. I couldn’t compete with that, so we just decided to let her go and look for a new yaya.

It’s been three weeks since and we still haven’t found a new yaya.

My husband and I decided to “wing it” for now until we could find one. It’s been pretty tough because we both work full-time and we both work night shifts – which means we both need to sleep during the day. What’s more is that our son is now more active than ever and he refuses to be left in his crib. He has this urge to always walk and follow us around the house even though he’s not used to being on his feet yet.

So how do we manage surviving without a yaya? We take turns looking after our son. I work from home from 9PM-6AM so right after work I look after him – feed him breakfast, wash and prepare his bottles, give him a bath and cook lunch. He tends to wake up earlier than 6AM so I let him watch some nursery rhyme videos on our iPad while I finish my shift. While I’m on baby duty, my husband sleeps from 6AM when he arrives from work until about noon. After lunch and washing the dishes, we switch and I get to sleep until about 5PM. My husband then starts to prep for work and leaves at around 6PM. I put my son to sleep at around 7:30PM but sometimes he doesn’t fall asleep until 8:30PM. Once he’s asleep I start prepping for work. If he cries in the middle of the night I take a real quick moment to put him back to sleep then get back to work.

Has it been easy? Absolutely not. But these things happen and we need to adjust, even if it makes us twice as tired as before.

I have to say though that being “yaya-less” has given me the chance to bond more with my son. Ever since he turned one, he’s become more affectionate but has also entered the separation anxiety stage. I’m glad that I am able to address his needs at this stage and that I am able to realize his changing needs as well. For example, as I mentioned earlier my son has this urge to walk all the time. Here in our house there really isn’t enough room for him to do that, so his yaya just lets him stay in the crib which makes him cry and fuss a lot. When the yaya was gone and I took over, I realized that I needed to find a way to let my son practice his motor skills so he can start walking. I started moving furniture around to make enough space for my son to walk around and play. Ever since then we has improved dramatically and he isn’t as fussy as he used to be. He enjoys the freedom to walk and play outside the confines of his small crib.

Do you think my yaya would have done the same thing? I don’t think so. There’s just these things that only us parents can and will do for our children. Now that I have realized this, I’m thinking of not hiring a yaya anymore. I’ve also grown to love the quality time I get to spend with my son. I guess that’s what tops it all off, like the proverbial cherry on a sundae.

Was there a time when you had to manage without a yaya? How did it go?

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Our Little One’s First Trip to the Beach

Hi mommies!

Summer is close to an end but I still can’t get over my son’s first trip to the beach! This was a family outing I planned with my parents for Holy Week (yes, another late post. sorry!). Since my dad has good connections we were able to book overnight accommodations at Acua Verde Beach Resort which is located in Laiya, Batangas.

At the beach with my little man.
Let me share more photos with you! 🙂

Acua Verde is two or three houses away from Acquatico Resort and they’re owned by the same person. Acua Verde is smaller and not as fancy as Acquatico, but still offers quality accommodations and services.
Waiting for check-in time, someone looks impatient!
My handsome little man!
Walking on sand for the first time, he’s not sure how to react.
..but it looks like he ended up enjoying it!
Passing time at the mini-playground. He’s scared of going down the slide.
Drinking milk like a boss.
The resort’s reception area. There’s a fish pond where you can feed the fish!
Getting settled in our rooms. The rooms are small, good for up to three people, but you can request for additional mattresses.
That’s me with my little man.
Acua Verde does not have it’s own swimming pools. However, the owners allowed us to enter Acquatico to use their pool.
Our curious little one playing at a fountain.
Beach front cabanas at Acua Verde. I got up early with my son to reserve a good spot.
Exploring the cabana.
Tired from playing on the beach.
Enjoying the beach with his Dada.

The experience was great. The rooms were neat, the food was delicious and the resort is even pet friendly. One downside though was that they didn’t have their own pools. I’m not fond of Laiya’s white beach because the sand is coarse with so many itty bitty rocks, but I really can’t hold the resort responsible for that. All in all, we had a amazing time and I’d definitely recommend Acua Verde for a quick beach getaway in the Laiya area.

Interested in visiting Acua Verde? Check out their website at

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Planning My Son’s First Birthday Party

How are you, clueless moms?

I still can’t believe that my son is turning one next month! Has it been a year already? When I look at my son nowadays I find myself thinking “Stop growing! Can you stay like this for a few years more?”. Sigh, but it is inevitable.. he’s growing up!

Now that he’s turning one, I want to go all out on his first birthday party however after giving it some thought, we decided to settle for something more reasonable. Though I just began my work-from-home job, we did come across some money and managed to secure a venue. At first, I was eying Shakey’s Pizza. Unfortunately though, there are no decent Shakey’s branches near our area. There is one along Evia Daang Hari, but they don’t hold birthday parties on weekends. Crazy, right?? I didn’t want to have the event catered either, it can be quite tiring having to speak to several people like with my son’s baptism. While doing some research, a lot of people recommended Fun Ranch to me. When I visited their website I thought it would be a perfect for my son’s first birthday and then I started bugging my husband about it. After a few weeks, I managed to visit Fun Ranch Alabang and reserve a room and date for my son’s first birthday!
from Google images

We chose the Main Barn which costs P35,000 and is good for 100 pax. It is spacious, neat and is right next to the play area. The P35,000 is inclusive of consumable food and drinks. I have yet to choose our menu, but I may focus more on their best sellers and recommendations.

What’s good about Fun Ranch is that they’re like this one-stop shop for parties – they offer other services such as entertainers, hosts, photo booths, food carts, etc. They may come across as expensive compared to others, however if you choose to bring in external party services, there is a corkage fee of P1000! I’m really lucky though that some of our family members offered to pitch in for some of the services and everything is coming together nicely.

I may finalize more details this week and would love to update you guys soon. I’m also planning to DIY the decorations so I hope that works well for me!

I’d love to hear feedback about Fun Ranch, especially about the food! Your suggestions are also welcome!

Catch you later, clueless moms!

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Favorite Finds: Giddy for GIGA!

Hi mommies!

Here I am with another Favorite Finds post, this time for the month of April. There’s not much to talk about because we’ve been saving up for my son’s birthday and I’ve been avoiding extra purchases lately.

I was, however, sent some awesome products by GIGA, a local company that takes pride in creating natural everyday products.

I was so excited when these arrived!

I did a bit of research and found out that GIGA actually stands for “God is Good Always”.. awesome, right? To know more about their story, click here.

The items I received were:

GIGA Spa Aromatics Shower Gel in Peppermint
GIGA Tea Tree Cream (formerly called the No Itch Cream)
GIGA Baby Balm

Let me talk about each real quick for you guys!

GIGA Spa Aromatics Shower Gel in Peppermint. This product was perfect for the summer heat! I love how the peppermint is not overwhelming, and the scent was mild too! This always left me refreshed after every bath. It was a shame though that I only got an itty bitty bottle because it only lasted a week, probably because I was taking several baths a day! This shower gel comes in other variants such as lavender and grapefruit.

GIGA Tea Tree Cream (formerly called the No Itch Cream). I have raved about this product in one of my previous posts about addressing my son’s mosquito bites and keeping him dengue free. This just works wonders for little itchy spots here and there for both babies and adults. This summer I noticed how frequently my waist would itch especially after a long day of wearing jeans in this humid weather. My skin is sensitive, so it easily reacts to such conditions. In these instances, I’d take a quick shower and apply the Tea Tree Cream around the itchy area and I always feel better in minutes! This product is a must-try especially if you have persistent itchy spots and sensitive skin.

GIGA Baby Balm. I haven’t tried this product on my son’s diaper rashes yet because his skin is really sensitive and his rashes have been getting worse lately. I decided to stick to the medication his pedia provided and wait until his skin recovers. However, I do use this balm for small scratches and they do go away in a day or two and don’t leave marks. This balm is really mild scented and it easily spreads when applied. I’m pretty sure this small tub will last long. I have yet to discover other effective uses for this balm, but I’ll be sure to update you once I come across any.

Mommies, have you tried any GIGA products? Which of their products do you like best?

PS: Thanks to PJ of GIGA for sending these over!!

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