Favorite Finds: Giddy for GIGA!

Hi mommies!

Here I am with another Favorite Finds post, this time for the month of April. There’s not much to talk about because we’ve been saving up for my son’s birthday and I’ve been avoiding extra purchases lately.

I was, however, sent some awesome products by GIGA, a local company that takes pride in creating natural everyday products.

I was so excited when these arrived!

I did a bit of research and found out that GIGA actually stands for “God is Good Always”.. awesome, right? To know more about their story, click here.

The items I received were:

GIGA Spa Aromatics Shower Gel in Peppermint
GIGA Tea Tree Cream (formerly called the No Itch Cream)
GIGA Baby Balm

Let me talk about each real quick for you guys!

GIGA Spa Aromatics Shower Gel in Peppermint. This product was perfect for the summer heat! I love how the peppermint is not overwhelming, and the scent was mild too! This always left me refreshed after every bath. It was a shame though that I only got an itty bitty bottle because it only lasted a week, probably because I was taking several baths a day! This shower gel comes in other variants such as lavender and grapefruit.

GIGA Tea Tree Cream (formerly called the No Itch Cream). I have raved about this product in one of my previous posts about addressing my son’s mosquito bites and keeping him dengue free. This just works wonders for little itchy spots here and there for both babies and adults. This summer I noticed how frequently my waist would itch especially after a long day of wearing jeans in this humid weather. My skin is sensitive, so it easily reacts to such conditions. In these instances, I’d take a quick shower and apply the Tea Tree Cream around the itchy area and I always feel better in minutes! This product is a must-try especially if you have persistent itchy spots and sensitive skin.

GIGA Baby Balm. I haven’t tried this product on my son’s diaper rashes yet because his skin is really sensitive and his rashes have been getting worse lately. I decided to stick to the medication his pedia provided and wait until his skin recovers. However, I do use this balm for small scratches and they do go away in a day or two and don’t leave marks. This balm is really mild scented and it easily spreads when applied. I’m pretty sure this small tub will last long. I have yet to discover other effective uses for this balm, but I’ll be sure to update you once I come across any.

Mommies, have you tried any GIGA products? Which of their products do you like best?

PS: Thanks to PJ of GIGA for sending these over!!signature

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  1. You know what? GIGA is my ultimate favorite local brand that uses natural products. We use the baby balm, the massage balm, and the insect repellent. Out of all the insect repellent brands we used, only GIGA is effective for us, promise! (I didn’t know what GIGA stood for; I love them even more now!)

  2. We have tried the No Itch and No Pain balms before. I love that it’s natural. Although, when we dropped the jars by accident, the cover easily broke and they cannot be fully covered anymore.

    1. That’s too bad. Most balms come in those tiny containers and they don’t seem to be sturdy enough. I recently tried the Human Nature Healing Balm and the same thing happened – it fell and the cover broke. I ended up having to buy a container from Watsons to transfer the product, sayang eh.

    1. Hi Nerisa, below are their store locations:

      GIGA Store Locations:
      SM Megamall
      SM Mall of Asia
      SM Dasmarinas
      Robinsons Galleria
      Robinsons Magnolia
      Robinsons Place Manila
      VMall Greenhills
      Shoppesville Greenhills
      Tiendesitas Pasig
      Lucky Chinatown Mall

      Landmark Ayala Center
      Landmark Trinoma
      Wellworth Department Store, Ayala Fairview Terraces

      Their products are also available at Sesou stores.

      I got this info from their Facebook page:


  3. Would love to try out that tea tree cream some time. My daughter is extremely lapitin sa mga lamok, like me, and she itches a lot. Kawawa tuloy tingnan yung legs nya. πŸ™

  4. Hi! I founda GIGA store at Greenhills. I bought the Giga Tea Tree Cream. To be honest, one of the reasons why I was eager to buy this product was because I read your review about it in your previous blog post. I was also worried about my baby’s mosquito bites and dark scars from these mosquito bites. So, I tried the Giga Tea Tree Cream just now to my baby though I am not sure how safe is this product to my 5-month old baby. Sana safe naman because it’s organic. Sana. Also, I hope GIGA has a written information at the back of this cream regarding its uses. It doesn’t say about its uses kasi.

    1. Hi Jel,

      I’m pretty sure it’s safe based on the ingredients, but there are instances when some babies are not “hiyang” to what other babies respond well to. Hopefully, hiyang baby mo. I have no problems at all when using it on Ethan’s skin. It may be best if you try it on one patch or mosquito bite muna, and just a teeny tiny dab. And yes, I agree that it should have a description and at least some info about it’s uses, kasi when you come across it randomly at a store, you have no clue what it’s for.

      I really appreciate you dropping by the blog. Please let me know how it works on your baby’s skin. You can email me at thecluelessmom@gmail.com πŸ™‚

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