Review: Attipas Baby Shoes

Ethan is not a big fan of shoes. In the past 6 months I have purchased three shoes which we barely use because he gets cranky when we put them on. When we do get him to wear them, they either come off easily or he stops a lot when he walks, probably because he’s uncomfortable. I tried slip-ons with leather soles, tiny squeaky rubber shoes and some cheap slip-ons with socks.
Now that Ethan is becoming increasingly active, I’ve come to realize that he needs a good pair of shoes. He spends a lot of time walking and running, and he needs durable yet comfortable shoes that he can wear at home and outdoors. I was so lucky when Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Attipas Philippines gave us the opportunity to try out the Attipas Baby Shoes, the timing could not have been more perfect!
Attipas Baby Functional Shoes are designed to teach our babies how to walk correctly while providing comfort, durability and safety. They come in different styles and colors, too!
Attipas Baby Functional Shoes is aimed at helping babies to start walking correctly by evenly distributing foot pressure and correct toddler’s walking behavior while he/she learns to walk. The design is based on kinetic and physio-dynamic test of toddlers’ walking that enables the steady and stable walking pattern of the toddler. It also helps in the toddler’s brain development by enabling the sole and toe movement while walking. (from the Attipas Philippines Facebook page)

Too cute, right? Imagine how excited I was when Attipas Philippines sent us a pair for Ethan!
Check out the cool packaging!
Ethan’s very own Attipas! They sent us one from the Natural Herb Collection in Yellow Gray
They arrived just a day before our big trip to Subic! Again, perfect timing!
When we had Ethan try them out, he was fussy at first and he tried to stop me from putting them on! But as soon as we got the shoes on, he started walking as if nothing happened. He did stare at the shoes at first, but then he went back to running around. Here are a few things I noticed:
  • He does not constantly stop anymore, like he did with his old shoes.
  • They don’t slip off like most slip-ons with socks do. He had them on for a couple of hours and they did not come off at all.
  • He did not get itchy or irritable from the socks, he usually does not like wearing socks!
  • He rarely trips or falls down.
During our two days in Subic I had him wear the shoes every time we’d go out. I can honestly say that based on our observations, these shoes are barely noticeable to him.
I love walking in my Attipas!
A budding model in action!
Their Red Marine design would be perfect with his outfit here!!
Upon checking the pamphlet they included in the package, I realized that there is a special benefit to the Natural Herb variant that they sent us:
“Natural Herb yellow is dyed with Amur Corktree. Amur Corktree is one of the most frequently used medical substance from old days. It is known to have outstanding effect for skin drying and sensitive skin. For contemporary people who pursue well-being, natural dye is a great gift. These natural dye will be a present to children with skin trouble like atopy inflammation”
What are the odds that they would send me shoes with such benefits? My son has skin asthma and has patches of eczema on his feet and legs. Come to think of it, this morning I noticed that the patches in the crease between his left foot and leg were gone – completely gone. I’m not sure if I can attribute it to the shoes, or to the salt water when we hit the beach – or both? I can’t tell. But the fact that they could incorporate such healing properties to shoes is just amazing.
All I can say is that these shoes are awesome and true to Attipas’ claims! I still have to observe though if there are any signs of improvement in the way he walks. I checked out Attipas on Lazada and they go for P899 to P1000+. Some of you mommies may find them expensive, but I’m telling you, they are worth it. You just can’t find shoes that offer so much.
Okay, mommies. Let’s sum it up, here are a few more amazing things about Attipas Baby Functional Shoes:
  • Easy to put on – goodbye to velcro straps and shoelaces!
  • Lightweight and flexible – perfect for active babies
  • They don’t easily slip off, they stay put!
  • Non-slip – thanks to it’s Silicone soles
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Safe for babies – made from 100% non-toxic materials, No hazardous materials and no glue or adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde
  • Easy to carry in your baby’s bag, they aren’t bulky
  • Easy to clean – they’re machine washable and they dry fast
  • They come in a lot of designs! They have collections such as Rainbow, Animal, Corsage, Ballet, Marine, Together, Sneakers, Polka, and Natural Hurb!


I honestly can’t think of any. Some might say price, but I’d definitely buy Ethan another pair without hesitation. And with everything listed above, I can’t come up with any reason to dislike these shoes.

Have you mommies tried Attipas’ for your babies and toddlers? Let me know what you think of them!
Attipas is exclusively distributed by CKMJ Greenovation Inc. with contact number 559-5140. Attipas functional toddler shoes are available in Tarte Tatin (Rockwell and Greenbelt 5), Babyland (Shaw, Eastwood and Festival), Rustans (Shangrila, Makati and Alabang), Babyzone (Fisher Mall), Baby Steps (Festival Mall), Wellworth Department Store (Fairview Terraces), Landmark (Makati and Trinoma), Fisher Mall Department Store, Kuku Duckbill (Market Market), Baby and Kids (Festival Mall); and online through, and Lazada.
Check them out on Facebook:
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Quick Tip 1: Baby Got Diarrhea?

If your baby has diarrhea,
try feeding him bananas and yogurt !
Bananas replace potassium and electrolytes lost during diarrhea, and help stools become a bit more solid.
Yogurt has probiotics which helps get rid of bad bacteria and is good for the tummy!
from Google Images
The tip above should not replace professional advice. Babies with can easily get dehydrated, and the tip above does not address that. I am simply sharing this tip that helped improve my son’s stools while he was on his medication. A lot of mom’s swear by this combo, but please your pediatrician first above everything else. This is not intended to be a remedy.
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The Little Troublemaker

He pulls my hair. He bites my feet. He dives on my belly while I’m sleeping. He headbutts my face. He throws everything to the ground. He screams. His farts stink to high heaven. He makes a fuss when I change his diapers. He smashes my laptop.
He just drives me crazy!
Happy Friday, everyone! Have an awesome weekend!
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Throwback Thursday: July

How are you, mommies?

I’ve decided to do monthly throwbacks so I could show you guys how much Ethan has grown in the past year. I still can’t believe that more than a year has passed since I gave birth to this little troublemaker!
A year ago, he was only a month old.
In a swaddle, I’d call him Caterpie!
“Not another picture…”
He was almost two months here. Notice the chubbier cheeks!
Ethan was a happy, healthy baby during his first month. He was already smiling and he was always making funny faces (most likely unintentionally). Though I was always tired from the sleepless nights, I found his smiles to be very rewarding. You’ll notice his face covered in tiny acne in the last two pictures, those got me worried at first but they faded eventually. As for milestones, well, he was starting to lift his head around this time and he was also vocalizing, not frequently though, because he was always busy sleeping!
Here he is today.
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Family Fanatics

I was given the opportunity to participate in the Family Fanatics initiative by sharing how sports have brought my family together. Fanatics is the leading online retailer for anything and everything sports – from NBA jerseys to World Soccer gear.
My husband was bitten by the biking bug sometime last year and he managed to get a good deal on a mountain bike online. I remember him pushing me to get my own bike too so we could ride together, but at the time, Ethan was still a few months old and with my hands full I couldn’t find the time to squeeze in a sport. With so many mommy duties on my plate, taking up a sport was the last thing on my mind.
My husband’s bike
I have never been the sporty type of person, and I blame it on my asthma. Back in high school some teachers tried to get me to take up a sport but I was always discouraged when I was held back by an asthma attack. I remember this one teacher who asked me to try out for the track team, and no matter how fast I ran I was always two laps behind. I realized then that sports weren’t for me.
My husband, however, is the type of person who likes to stay active. When he got the bike he would ride from Pasay all the way here to Cavite (we were staying in between homes at the time). He absolutely enjoyed it, and to be honest I envied him and before I knew it, I found myself pedaling too.
You guessed it right. I finally got a bike earlier this year.
I just love being on a bike. Compared to most sports, riding a bike does not require you to be on your feet, so you don’t have to support your body weight. Since I currently have medication to manage my asthma, I don’t get asthma attacks when I ride. Though it is a physical activity, I really find it relaxing especially when I ride through a nice scenery. I guess that’s what I love about biking. What makes it all special though is the time I get to spend with my husband. I absolutely enjoy biking with him because he always looks out for me and he always cheers me on when I need to pedal harder, especially when we ride uphill! We normally bike along Daang Hari and if you’re familiar with the road you might have noticed that there is this steep uphill going to Evia from Molino. I always used to stop half way because I always felt like my chest was going to explode, and I’d feel embarrassed when other bikers and cyclists would pass me and give me funny looks. My husband, however, would keep with my pace and encourage me to make it to the top and I somehow, I’d always find a teeny tiny ounce of strength to get me through.
My husband and I after a long bike ride.
We get along with most things but we never enjoyed a sport together until we started biking. Weekend bike rides have definitely given us the chance to bond more, especially when we had to live separately (I was staying at my moms and he was staying at our old apartment until the lease was over. Long story!). Biking together always gave us something to look forward to after a week of not seeing each other. It definitely is a good break from the usual dates at the mall, and it keeps us active! I’m really happy that my husband convinced me to start biking and I seriously wouldn’t be able to pedal 35 kilometers without all his encouragement. I can’t wait for Ethan to grow up so he can join our weekend bike rides! That would be an amazing way for us to bond as a family!
Our little boy is off to a good start!
Have you checked out the Fanatics website? I was surprised to find that they carry infant and toddler clothes too! They’ve got tons of cool stuff from apparel to collectibles, something for each member of the family.
Do you and your family bond over sports, mommies? Feel free to comment and share how sports bring your family together!
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