Gaga for Green Tea

Four weeks ago, things started to get stressful at work. I began working seven days a week, eight hours a day and only had four hours of sleep. I barely had energy to keep up, waking up all groggy every time I had to log in for work. I also have no time to exercise, and turned to food to keep up with the stress.

Lots of food.

In two weeks I gained A LOT of weight and I spent most of my time body-shaming myself. It’s the worst feeling ever, and it’s my fault.

About two weeks ago I decided to do a three-day detox, to help me reboot and prep myself for dieting because I was feeling sluggish all the time. I bought all the greens and fruits for the juice detox and managed to get through day one, but the next day I got sick and very weak. With a full-time job and a handful-of-a-toddler, I couldn’t keep up with a juice detox, I had to eat.

While doing the detox, I was allowed to drink green tea in between juices. I’m not a fan of green tea, let alone tea. But oddly, this time I actually enjoyed the taste. I’ve read various articles about the benefits of green tea, so I decided to add it into my everyday routine.

I started drinking green tea after meals and before bedtime and this what I’ve noticed in the first two weeks of taking green tea:

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