Gaga for Green Tea

Four weeks ago, things started to get stressful at work. I began working seven days a week, eight hours a day and only had four hours of sleep. I barely had energy to keep up, waking up all groggy every time I had to log in for work. I also have no time to exercise, and turned to food to keep up with the stress.

Lots of food.

In two weeks I gained A LOT of weight and I spent most of my time body-shaming myself. It’s the worst feeling ever, and it’s my fault.

About two weeks ago I decided to do a three-day detox, to help me reboot and prep myself for dieting because I was feeling sluggish all the time. I bought all the greens and fruits for the juice detox and managed to get through day one, but the next day I got sick and very weak. With a full-time job and a handful-of-a-toddler, I couldn’t keep up with a juice detox, I had to eat.

While doing the detox, I was allowed to drink green tea in between juices. I’m not a fan of green tea, let alone tea. But oddly, this time I actually enjoyed the taste. I’ve read various articles about the benefits of green tea, so I decided to add it into my everyday routine.

I started drinking green tea after meals and before bedtime and this what I’ve noticed in the first two weeks of taking green tea:

1. Better sleep. The quality of my sleep improved. Even with only four hours of sleep, I feel energized when I wake up.

2. More energy. I’m no longer sluggish and I don’t need coffee anymore to keep me awake at work. Green tea has caffeine which helps me get though the grueling night shift without the sugar in the instant coffee I used to drink.

3. Less stress. I don’t feel as much stress anymore. I’m much more relaxed despite the amount of work I have. Also, my mind seems clearer and not muddled with stressful thoughts.

4. Better control over appetite. I don’t wolf down as much food as I used to. I feel fuller before meals even if my last cup of green tea was from my last meal.

5. I don’t look tired. I guess I can attribute that to numbers 1-3.

6. I stopped getting sick. Even before the attempt to detox, I kept getting sick. I would feel feverish almost every other day and have really bad headaches. Not anymore.

7. My night time wheezing stopped. I try my best to avoid asthma medication when I’m not riding my bike or doing any physical activity. However recently, perhaps due to the stress, I always have my inhaler under my pillow at night because I wheeze a lot almost as if I’m about to have an asthma attack. I swear this is true, when I started taking green tea the wheezing stopped. I don’t need my inhaler as much anymore unless the weather gets really hot and I’m spending the day chasing the Little Troublemaker. I’m hoping to see more improvement as I continue to take green tea.


I have yet to experience the other benefits that were not mentioned in the image above, such as healthier skin and weight loss. Nevertheless, I happy with the results of my green tea regimen.


As I was browsing Instagram and the ENDLESS seller ads, I came across JC Premiere distributors and their ads for Glutafit. What caught my attention was not Glutafit, but the bundled green tea drink. After reviewing tons of seller accounts I settled with @opiumbycece and sent her several inquiries. I decided to inquire with her because most of the client feedback focused on the Premiere Green Tea drink. Some claimed to have lost weight, but all of them commented on how the drink helped with their constipation and made them feel lighter. What also caught my curiosity were the ingredients Psyllium Husk (known as a good source of fiber) and Yerba Mate (helps curb hunger). I decided to purchase several boxes and try the product out for myself.

Christine of @opiumbycece is an awesome gal, very accommodating despite all of my annoying questions. LOL. The transaction was smooth and I got the package the next day.

I’ve decided to give this product about a month before I write a comprehensive review. But I can tell you so far that it has been living up to the feedback I have read online. I’m not aiming to lose a ton of weight with this product (but if I could it would be nice), rather I want to help improve my BM (ugh) and help further control my hunger. There are still days when one cup of rice isn’t enough, hopefully with this and tons of discipline I will stop eating way more than I should.


Green Tea is a godsend and I seriously can’t get enough of it. I plan to blog more about my experience with green tea after a few more months. I think the other benefits mentioned will become more evident with prolonged consumption. I’m also planning to buy Matcha powder (fine grounded green tea leaves) and see what recipes and drinks I can try with it.


Do you like green tea, too? What benefits have you experienced from drinking green tea? I’d love to hear more so please let me know in the comments section below!




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  1. I’m not into green tea but I like drinking tea. I’ve written a few articles about green tea and it really brings a lot of benefits πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve heard from a Chinese that the reason most of the Chinese are slim is because they love to drink hot tea before and after a meal. I think it makes sense. I also love to drink green tea, although the these days I preffered the decaf teas. Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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