Gaga for Green Tea

Four weeks ago, things started to get stressful at work. I began working seven days a week, eight hours a day and only had four hours of sleep. I barely had energy to keep up, waking up all groggy every time I had to log in for work. I also have no time to exercise, and turned to food to keep up with the stress.

Lots of food.

In two weeks I gained A LOT of weight and I spent most of my time body-shaming myself. It’s the worst feeling ever, and it’s my fault.

About two weeks ago I decided to do a three-day detox, to help me reboot and prep myself for dieting because I was feeling sluggish all the time. I bought all the greens and fruits for the juice detox and managed to get through day one, but the next day I got sick and very weak. With a full-time job and a handful-of-a-toddler, I couldn’t keep up with a juice detox, I had to eat.

While doing the detox, I was allowed to drink green tea in between juices. I’m not a fan of green tea, let alone tea. But oddly, this time I actually enjoyed the taste. I’ve read various articles about the benefits of green tea, so I decided to add it into my everyday routine.

I started drinking green tea after meals and before bedtime and this what I’ve noticed in the first two weeks of taking green tea:

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February Family Date x Lunch at Chili’s Alabang

A few weeks ago, my Little Troublemaker was confined because of a really bad asthma attack on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been very careful not to expose him to smoke or let him run around too much – anything that can trigger a cough, until he was done with his medication.

Because of this I couldn’t take him out or bring him to Fun Ranch, and though we always have fun just being at home, I missed spending weekends out with him and my husband. After he completed his medication his breathing improved drastically but he had to continue with his maintenance so that his respiratory system would not be prone to colds and cough after his recovery. But because he was already healthy enough to run about, my husband and I decided to take him out with us one Sunday – to hear Mass and enjoy a meal together.

We arrived too early for the Mass at St. Jerome Emiliani Parish, so we decided to take a stroll and try to get the Little Troublemaker to take a nap because he might get impatient at the Church.

We brought him to Alabang Town Center and had him go on some rides until he was sleepy, he usually takes a nap before lunch time.




Our plan failed miserably, because this kid was too excited to take a nap! We ended up missing the Mass so we decided to have lunch instead.

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Lunch at Mati’s Meat and Bread

Yesterday, my husband and I finally found the time to go out for lunch and a movie. We decided to try out one of the new restaurants at Festival Mall’s River Park.


The first restaurant that caught our eye was Mati’s Meat and Bread. We glanced at the menu displayed out front and decided to try their steak.

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Turbo Broiler Baking Experiment: Easy Mini Pancake Muffins

Before anything else, let me set your expectations that I am not a kitchen diva and I have never baked anything without the assistance of my brother who bakes cakes for a living. I love eating cakes, not making them. I used to say the same thing about cooking, but ever since I got married I took it upon myself to learn, otherwise we’d be eating corned beef and hotdogs for the rest of our lives!

Last October, I received a sweet stash of Maya Hotcake Mix from the Mommy Blogger Philippines Halloween Party. I LOVE PANCAKES! When I was pregnant with Ethan, I constantly craved them.

Maya Hotcake Mix variants

Weeks passed and I realized that these boxes of pancake mix were still in my kitchen cupboard, untouched. I couldn’t find myself in the mood to cook pancakes, and if I did make some I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to finish them all, and they’d just go to waste. My husband is not a big fan of pancakes, and I can’t finish them all on my own.

Then a thought occurred to me. What if I baked them instead? Into muffins! It’s not an original idea, I know, but I thought it was a perfect way to use my pancake mix stash.

My brother told me it was possible, the only problem was that I had no oven to bake them in! Drat, I thought. Then I remembered that I have a turbo broiler, I mean, it’s technically an oven, right? So I asked my brother again, and he agreed that I could bake them in the turbo broiler but he wasn’t sure about the temperature and time. At this point, I just told myself that I had enough pancake mix to experiment with, so what was I waiting for?

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The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

Hear ye, my fellow food lovers in the South!
Mark your calendars for one of the most awaited weekend markets of the year.


The Urban Food Collective (TUFC) understands that food brings people together, that food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Its vision is to be the premiere food community in the country. Current, informative, and educational, TUFC aims to be the food hub where people can share their passion for gastronomy. TUFC’s online community will feature everything food – articles and recipes, exciting deals featuring the country’s best culinary fare, and “The Urban Food Collective Marketplace” which will retail unique food items and implements. To bring the online community even closer together, TUFC will champion various food lifestyle events, where foodies can meet and indulge in their passion for unique flavors and gustatory delights. What’s love for food when you have no one to share it with? Let The Urban Food Collective be your community for food. Stay hungry for the good things in life.

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market is a carefully curated collection of purveyors. Located in CommerCenter, Alabang’s newest lifestyle mall, it is a place where people can comfortably gather, browse, and shop. It will be a venue for patrons to find a bevy of treasures from gourmet, specialty foods to local, artisanal arts and crafts. The Weekend Market’s activities and pocket events will give them the opportunity to learn new things or simply engage with the community.

For purveyors, it will be an opportunity to showcase their goods to a truly discerning crowd, while providing them with a gateway to other business opportunities with The Urban Food Collective. Also recognizing its responsibility to society, The Urban Food Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Weekend Market to the Taguyod Bayan foundation, helping rebuild communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in Sara Iloilo.

See you at the market! Where you can find good food, good things, and goodwill.

Event dates:

October (weekends) 18-19, 25-26
November (weekends) 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30
December 6-7, 13-28

Follow The Urban Food Collective on and @tufcph on Twitter and Instagram. Vendors are still open to apply at

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