My Thoughts on the New Kidnapping Modus Rumors

I recently chanced upon this article which narrates a seemingly attempted kidnap modus here in the South. Now I’m sure you’ve come across kidnapping stories and various modus warnings shared on Facebook, ones that take place in malls, but the chilling twist to this story is that this modus uses children to lure their little victims.
Although this is not 100% confirmed to be a kidnapping attempt given that it was not successful (thank God!), this incident should still remind us to be vigilant.
When my husband came home from work I told him about this since we regularly go to the mall mentioned. We agreed that this new modus could be true and we reminded ourselves to be alert at all times when we’d go out with Ethan. While I was washing the dishes I suddenly remembered a news feature about kidnapped kids that I saw on TV some years ago and I just cringed at the thought of someone kidnapping my son. My husband suddenly said, “That would be hard, right? Not knowing where your child is, you’d start to worry he might be hungry…”. I teared up at what he said! It would just crush me, and I’m sure any parent would feel the same way.

“…I just cringed at the thought of someone kidnapping my son.”
Despite how I resent the people involved in such operations, we can’t neglect the fact that they are using children to do the dirty work. This is indeed alarming, and the first question we may ask ourselves is “Where are the kid’s parents?”. A number of answers come to mind, but one that disturbs me the most is the possibility of the parents’ involvement, and this is not unheard of. What would happen to the little girl if she didn’t successfully bait a child? Will she be beaten up? Would they let her starve? The mere thought is heartbreaking.
I sincerely hope the authorities are taking action to avoid these kidnappings, not only for the sake of our children but for the children involved as well. As for us parents, we play a huge role in ensuring our child’s safety. Let’s not let our children run around unaccompanied, whether they’re going to the toilet or to play a few feet away. It would be best to reiterate how they should not talk to nor follow strangers. We must also be careful when other children approach our child, let’s always check to see if they have an adult with them and take note of any suspicious behavior, just like the mommy who shared this story.
What do you think about this modus?


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