Bonding Before Bed

I’m fascinated with how much has changed ever since Ethan turned one. He can now walk and he loves to explore. He can even “bless” (hand gesture as a sign of respect) and wave goodbye more frequently now. But what I love the most is how much more affectionate he has become which has led to more frequent bonding. He loves running to us, hugging our legs in excitement and he loves hugging even more at bedtime.
When Ethan was about two months old, I began to establish a night time routine which we managed to follow religiously. We’d wipe him down with warm water, change him into pajamas, give him a bottle of milk then sing him to sleep. Previously he would just fall asleep from all the singing, but now he loves cuddling next to me and sometimes even pats my arm or tummy – as if I’m the one who needs to go to sleep! It’s funny but adorable. Cuddling with him helps ease my stress from the day’s chores and it has become something I always look forward to before we sleep.
That’s not all though. Remember his separation anxiety that I mentioned in a previous post? Well, he doesn’t like sleeping next to anyone else now but me and my husband. Ever since our yaya left my mom has been helping me look after him on days when I have to work. Recently when I slept over at my mom’s house with Ethan, I had to wake up in the middle of the night for a call with a client and asked my mom to switch with me so Ethan wouldn’t be alone. When I went back to the bedroom to get something I saw Ethan next to my mom, taking a close look at her face and when he realized it wasn’t me he looked around and started crying. I had to put him back to sleep!
I hope this isn’t just a phase and that he remains as affectionate as he grows up. Though his attachment to me may prove to be troublesome eventually, with some people discouraging it, I’m just going to enjoy all the night time cuddles and hugs right now. I reckon it’s just a great way to bond with him in a quiet manner – no toys, no singing Pororo, no TV. Just us, lots of lullabies, a story and a prayer before bed.
How do you bond with your baby?


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