10 Free Printable Planners for 2015

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to get organized.

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Last year, I bought myself a generic planner and tried to use that to track everything – from bills to shopping lists and to-do-lists to party plans. It did not go well. Not only did I end up neglecting my planner halfway through the year, but all my notes were over the place and I was nowhere near organized.

This is where I realized two things:

1. I need a “pretty” planner – nice enough for me not to forget about, unlike that plain black planner I bought from a bookstore that disappeared somewhere in our house

2. I need pages that are specific to certain tasks/topics – budgeting, meal planning, etc.

There are so many planners in the market now – mom planners, travel planners, student planners, blogger planners. There’s a planner for everyone nowadays. I myself am torn between two planners right now – the Everything is Possible 2015 Planner and the Mom 24/7 Planner. I can’t seem to decide, and would you believe that I’ve been to five bookstores and none of them have stocks of these two planners! How am I supposed to decide?!




Though I plan to buy myself one of these two planners, I consider these ‘personal planners’. As a wife and mother, I realized that I have tasks, reminders and goals not only for myself but for my family as well. What if I had a planner that I could share with my husband, something we regularly update to monitor our expenses, daily and weekly schedules, Ethan’s doctors visits and more – much more.

I turned to my favorite online DIY resource, Pinterest, and found lots of free printable planners, some very detailed which is exactly what I need. I thought that I’d round up some good ones and share them with you so that you can use them, too! Remember, these are all FREE, just don’t sell them or anything or you’ll get in trouble.

10 Free Printable Planners


1. The Handmade Home Planner and Calendar

This is one of my favorites because of the design. It provides a good amount of detailed pages and it’s some pages come in three designs – hexes, polkadots or stripes.

Pages Included: Cover, Calendar, Daily page, Menu Planner + Shopping List, Cleaning Schedule, Ideas and Inspiration, Lesson Planner (Blank and Labeled), Schoolwork Chart and Chore Charts for Kids

How to download: Direct download. Just follow the link below and click on the links provided on the website for each planner page.

Link: The Handmade Home Planner



2. Cornerstone Confessions 2015 Planner

This is by far THE MOST detailed free planner out there! The planner is broken down into 12 sections, each with a number of pages. I’m not a fan of the page designs, but I might consider using this one for our family planner because there’s a page for everything – even for blogging!

Pages Included: Calendar, Menu Planning, Financial Planning, Family Info, Health Trackers, To-do Lists, Holiday Planning, Contacts, Quiet Time Journal, Blog and Social Media, Homeschool Planning, Goal Planning

How to download: You will need to subscribe to her blog. Just click on the link below and look for the subscription box. Within minutes after confirming your email address, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can download the planner by section. You will need to enter a password to access the downloads, the password will be provided in the email.

Link: Cornerstone Confessions 2015 Planner



3. DIY Home Sweet Home Organizing Printables

This isn’t an actual planner, but these organizing printables combined together would make a good planner. I’m not a big fan of the design, but then again if you’re after details, then you will find a lot of great pages from this website’s printables. I find that this will work well with people who are fond of lists.

Pages Included: Cover, Binder Tabs, Dates to Remember, Monthly Calendar, Daily Page, Cleaning Checklist, Menu and Shopping List, Contacts, To Do Lists, “Jot It”, Books to Read, Wines to Try, Movies or Shows to Watch, Blank List Page, Bills Payment Checklist, Monthly Bills and Account Info, Bank Account Info, Weekly Calendar, Password Log, Emergency Info, Doctor Visits, Medical Expenses, Freezer and Pantry Inventory, Party Planner

How to download: Simply follow the link below, you will find links for each printable. It’ll be a bit time consuming to download all pages, but hey, it’s free!

Link: DIY Home Sweet Home Organizing Printables



4. The Busy Moms Budget Binder

As the name suggests, it’s more of a budget binder than a complete family planner, but if you’re planning to focus more on your finances then this might be what you’re looking for. The pages included help you keep track of all of your expenses and savings.

Pages Included: Month at a Glance, Yearly Financial Goals Planning, Bills to Pay with Monthly Checklist, Checking Account Ledger, Savings Account Ledger, Giving Tracker, Username/Password Log, Account Contact Info, Monthly Budget Tracker, Christmas Budget Planning, Gift Budget Planning

How to download: Subscribe and you will receive a separate email with a download link.

Link: The Busy Moms Budget Binder



5. The 2015 Budget Binder by Just a Girl and Her Blog

Another budget binder, this is only the light version but it comes with good pages that help you set financial goals. The pages encourage you to create action plans and check-in on your progress monthly.

Pages Included: Goals, Recurring Expenses, Monthly Expenses, Monthly Check-In

How to download: Download links are provided for each printable

Link: The 2015 Budget Binder by Just a Girl and Her Blog



6. Personal Planner by The Scattered Squirrel

Though this planner is not as detailed as I need it to be, I thought I’d share it anyway because of the lovely colors and clean design and layout!

Pages Included: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly pages

How to download: Download link is provided on her website

Link: Personal Planner by The Scattered Squirrel



7. Shining Mom 2015 Planner

This planner is less detailed compared to the first few ones I listed with most pages focusing on kids’ tasks. I think this would be ideal for moms who have older kids and do not need an overwhelming number of pages in their planners.

Pages Included: Cover, Menu Planner, Daily Chores Chart, Daily Views, Ideas and Inspiration, Reminders, Notes, Kids Daily Activities, Homework Chart

How to download: Download link is provided on her website

Link: Shining Mom 2015 Planner



8. 2015 Blog Planner by 7 on a Shoe String

This planner is ideal for bloggers like myself. If you’re planning to take your blogging career up a notch this year then this planner is definitely for you!

Pages Included: Cover, Week in Review, Post Planner, Monthly Stats, Giveaways, Blog Expenses, Blog Income, Notes & Ideas, Holidays and Observances

How to download: Download link is provided on her website

Link: 2015 Blog Planner by 7 on a Shoe String



9. 2015 Planner by Sweet C Designs

Yet another simple and clean planner – best if you only need to-do lists and reminders. I added it to the list because I love the colors. Yes, because of the colors!

Pages Included: Cover, Front Page, Calendars, Daily To Do, Weekly To Do

How to download: Download link is provided on her website – ZIP file

Link: 2015 Planner by Sweet C Designs



10. Home Organization Printables by the Blooming Homestead

One of the best of the bunch when it comes to details. This is one of my personal favorites, although I’m not sure if I’ll be going with this yet because the first two on the list are close contenders. These printables come in two colors – yellow/gray as pictured above and coral/navy.

Pages Included: Cover, Emergency Quick Sheet, Phone Numbers and Addresses, School Info, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Gift Ideas, Health Facts, Medical Info, Prescriptions, Insurance Info, Auto Service Repairs, Family Traditions, Hobbies and Interests, Wants Needs Sizes, Weekly Menu and Shopping Lists, Daily Quick Clean List, Weekly Cleaning Schedule, Monthly Deep Cleaning List, Spring Cleaning List, Week at a Glance, Notes

How to download: Download link is provided on her website

Link: Home Organization Printables by the Blooming Homestead


That concludes my round-up of free printable planners for 2015. Which ones did you like? I still haven’t decided between the ones by The Handmade Home, Cornerstone Confessions and Blooming Homestead. I hope you find a planner that suits you and your needs. If you know of any other free printable planners, feel free to share links in the comments section.



*All photos here belong to their respective owners and creators. They all link to their websites and blogs



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