6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Paper heart and cupid cut outs adorning store displays . Roses and bouquets in flower stands. Ridiculously large teddy bears.

You guessed it – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

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I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for gift ideas for your wife. Though it might have made more sense for me to make a list for gift ideas for husbands, I reckon that moms like me already have that pretty much figured out. Let me be honest and say that I’m not a “gift expert”, but I’ve had my fair share of good and bad Valentine’s Day gifts. With that said I’d like to think that I have a decent sense of what works and what doesn’t, plus I’ve heard a LOT of Valentine’s Day horror stories from friends and relatives.

So let me save you some time and throw some suggestions at you, but keep this in mind: Valentine’s Day gifts are all about expressing how special someone is to you. Thought and effort matter more than price, so if you decide to go with one of my suggestions, try and “make it your own” to add a little dash of special to it.

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife


1. Has she been stressed out lately? Take a trip to the spa.

May she be a working or a stay-at-home mom, she will definitely need (and want) time to relax and unwind. Don’t just hand her a spa gift certificate, go to the spa with her and get massages together! It’s not as fun for her if she’s going to be alone, and don’t you need to relax too? You don’t need to go to the most expensive spa in town, find a decent one with a nice, relaxing ambiance.


2. Are you a “matchy – matchy” couple? Get custom couple items.

I personally am not a fan of couple stuff, but I’m sure a lot of women find it special to share something “matching” with their husbands. A nice suggestion would be a set of couple watches. Silver or gold watches are classy, but if you’re both into G-Shocks then go ahead and get a matching pair.

Another suggestion would be a couple shirt, but instead of getting a set of standard designs, why not go out of your way to have your shirts customized? Think of something witty, or something that only you two get, like an inside joke or something. Make it special. Not a lot of women though are fond of getting t-shirts on Valentine’s Day, so throw in something else or add the shirt to a Valentine’s Day Package, which I will talk about later on. You can check out Lemon Tees for custom couple shirts, we’ve made several sets for a number of customers already, most were their own designs (yes, excuse the shameless plug).

You can also get custom couple phone cases. Many shops in malls and online offer to print custom designs on all kinds of smart phone cases. You can have your pictures printed, lines to your favorite song or something of the like. Again, it’s the thought and effort that counts.

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3. You can never go wrong with jewelry.

Check your wife’s jewelry box, is she more into gold or silver? If all she’s got are loom band and bead bracelets, you’d better buy her some jewelry. You can buy a necklace with her birthstone or have a custom pendant made with her initials. You can also get her a nice bracelet and have something special engraved like a short meaningful message, a phrase from your wedding vows, or quote a short line from “your song”. Don’t go having the words “Darling, don’t drop that thun thun” on that bracelet.


4. Tickets to a Valentine concert.

There are lots of Valentine’s Day concerts coming up, so pick the one with the singer or band she likes the most or the one she hates the least. As long as you’re together, it’s going to be fun. I know a couple who went to see Justin Bieber’s concert only because they got free tickets. They weren’t fans, but they said they had a blast – most likely from making fun of him.


5. Valentine’s Day Package

If you have a limited budget this Valentine’s Day or can’t afford to splurge on a big gift, do not fret. Again, it’s not about the price, but if you want to splurge on this suggestion, then go ahead. Here’s an awesome idea that your wife will appreciate – a box full of assorted items that she likes. Think of it as a care package, like the ones couples in long distance relationships send each other.

It’s pretty simple – grab a decent sized box and fill it with things like chocolates or candies, a nice mug (preferably with a chocolate drink mix pack inside), a cute pillow, funny Valentine cards or print outs (you can’t go wrong with cats or puppies), cut out notes with reasons why you love her, felt or paper hearts, tiny bottles of nail polish in her favorite color, indulgent bath wash or soap, hand lotion – you get the picture. Be creative, be funny and be romantic. The tiny notes are definitely the key here to making it extra special. If you’re not the creative type, ask help from someone or look for free printables online so you can just print and cut away. Then again, the more personalized, the better. Don’t forget to fill it up with cut out felt or paper hearts – it should burst with hearts when she opens it! Decorate it nicely! Or better yet, you can trick her by using a box of something like an electronic appliance and skip decorating the outside of the box. Imagine the surprise on her face when she realizes it’s not a coffee maker. You can either hide it and leave it on her bedside on Valentine’s Day, or you can have the package delivered to your house. It’s a lot of work, but it should be worth it, right?

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6. Don’t forget the flowers.

You don’t need to buy a ridiculously large bouquet, but if you can then good for you. We love flowers on Valentine’s Day, so don’t skip that. A nice single stem rose will do just fine, well for me at least.

If all else fails, make her a bacon rose bouquet. Why bacon? Well, who can say ‘no’ to bacon? Honestly, I just found a random tutorial for it and thought it would be fun to add here. Just because.. bacon. Enough said.

How To Make A Bacon Rose Bouquet

I hope you find my suggestions useful, guys. Remember to make it special and personalized. And ladies, if you have better suggestions please feel free to comment below!

Good luck and stay in love!



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