How I Kept My Sanity During My Last Pregnancy

Pregnancy – for some it’s such a breeze while it drives others insane. Hormones are to blame, I tell yah. One minute you’re a peace-loving puppy-hugging hippie, and the next thing you know you’re channeling Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist. You might be here because you’re a soon-to-be mom (congratulations!) looking for helpful tips. If you are, I hope you find my experience useful and informative. But if you’re already a mom, join me as I recall my hormone crazy preggy days and how I kept my sanity, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate in one way or another.

Remember this movie? Two characters with completely opposite pregnancies! Image from Google
1. I gave in to my cravings. Seriously, ladies. If you don’t then you’re gonna have a bad time. You’ll get cranky – extremely cranky – and it’s going to ruin your day. Some women have the most outrageous cravings though, take my mother for instance. When she was pregnant with me, she craved for apples. Not just any ordinary apple, though. She craved for apples that we’re almost rotten. So whenever she’d tell others about it, she’d say, “Pinaglihi ko siya na bulok na mansanas!”. Bizarre, right?! My cravings with Ethan were reasonable though – pancakes. I was lucky because my office back then was surrounded by fast food stores that sold pancakes for breakfast, and I always ordered some before coming in to work. It may be difficult at first, but food cravings normally end during the 2nd trimester. Hang in there!

My favorite fast food pancakes!


2. I always carried snacks with me. This is a must. You have to realize that you’re eating for two and your body will increase it’s demand for food, which means more frequent hunger pangs. When I was pregnant with Ethan, I swear my stomach was like a bottomless pit. No cracker could keep it from rumbling. I remember coming across a tip about eating small frequent meals, so I decided to try it and it worked well for me. Keep your snacks as healthy as possible and choose those that are more filling. I loved snacking on wheat bread sandwiches, Century Tuna Lite and hard boiled eggs, trail mix and apples. Always bring snacks with you whenever you go out, you’ll never know when you might need to munch on something.

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3. I drank a lot of water. I was always thirsty especially in my third trimester, so thirsty that I could finish a liter of water in one go. Water also helped me with hunger pangs, kept me refreshed and made me feel energized. Having a small water bottle in your everyday bag is an idea you might want to consider, that way you can take a sip anytime, anywhere.

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4. I warned people about my mood swings. I set expectations with people around me by explaining how I sometimes preferred to be alone, especially when my “suplada” side was rearing it’s ugly head. This way people will know what to expect and will understand how to deal with you on bad days.
5. I always had a Chinese menthol stick in my bag. They may not be for everyone, but these little white sticks work wonders for headaches and dizziness. I frequently used them during my 1st trimester, not only because of constant dizziness, but because I had a very sensitive sense of smell then. There were places wherein I felt like throwing up just because of the smell, back then I especially hated the smell of deep fried food.

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6. I also kept a handful of candies. I needed these for when I’d throw up due to morning sickness. Only after my pregnancy did I come across tips suggesting ginger as an effective remedy. Try ginger candies and ginger ale!7. I gave our dog Chicken hugs.


8. I watched my weight. I kept tabs on my weight during every doctor’s appointment and made sure I was gaining at a normal pace. My OB said I should only gain about 20 lbs, but I ended up gaining 30 lbs. Ten pounds is a big difference but my doctor said it was just fine. I was totally fine with it too because, compared to my 1st pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs. So how did watching my weight keep me sane? During pregnancy, a lot of women are easily alarmed by weight gain. I myself have self-esteem issues because of my weight, even now. When I was pregnant though I realized that I had to make a conscious effort to make sure my weight gain did not go out of control. Keeping track of my weight gain gave me the control I needed, it helped me understand that being pregnant is not an excuse to eat anything and everything to your heart’s (and stomach’s) content. I gave in to my cravings, but still ate everything else in moderation. Because of my efforts, I didn’t blow up so easily like I did with my first pregnancy, and I worried less about becoming ginormous again. No “OMG I’ve become so fat” moments to bring me down! Downloading a pregnancy app on my phone helped me a lot with monitoring my weight. You might want to check out these Google Play Pregnancy Apps if you’re using an Android phone.
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9. I ditched random loose clothing for proper maternity wear. During my first pregnancy, I always wore cheap dreadful denim colored leggings that were trying to pass themselves off as jeans, loose cardigans and P99 tops that looked liked drapes. You can imagine how awful I looked, I always had my head down because I was ashamed of how silly my ensemble was. I was like “It’s okay as long as my tummy fits and my arms don’t show” (I have huge arms. LOL). You couldn’t blame me though, because I wanted to save as much as I could for the baby back then. When I was pregnant with Ethan though, I realized that I should still be able to enjoy wearing nice clothes even with my growing tummy. I was lucky enough to have an awesome friend who lent me some of her old maternity wear, and I also invested in a few pieces for myself. I’m glad I did, because was finally able to say goodbye to my frumpy outfits and I ended up feeling confident about myself. I guess the key to get more bang for your buck is to buy something that you can still use after giving birth, like a nice classy blouse or dress. Take a look at this cute top from Buntis at Zalora!
If you still want to wear jeans but can’t afford to buy a new pair, you can try what I did – go DIY! Pinterest has amazing tutorials for DIY maternity jeans. If you have a pair you’re willing to sacrifice, go ahead and try it out. I tried doing the one with an elastic band in the front, and another with the band on the sides. The one on the sides worked best for me. Seriously, you can’t wear leggings for nine months.
10. I cried when I had to. There were times went I felt sad for no reason during my pregnancy, and there were also instances when I would get extremely upset over little things. They tell you not to cry because it will affect the baby’s well-being, but I think that bottling up such feelings can lead to more stress. I’d cry alone, let it all out and just be done with it. I’d always feel a lot better after.
11. I followed a TV series. It helped keep my mind off stressful things – a distraction. Whenever I’d feel overwhelmed by my pregnancy and my husband wasn’t around to talk about it, I’d load my favorite series on the computer and watch til I was tired.

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12. I made time for friends and family. I even commuted to Bulacan for a swimming trip with my in-laws while I was eight months pregnant! Chatting and catching up with people you love will never fail to make you feel awesome.

13. I spent quality time with my husband. We always went out on dates – we love movies and trying out restaurants. Just being with him, knowing he was there for me, kept me sane on most days.

14. I prayed. Prayers always got me through the worst days. It never mattered if my prayers were short or long, as long as I spent a few minutes to thank Him for the little miracle he blessed me with. I always asked Him for guidance, for patience and for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

How about you, mommies? How did you get through all the crazy during your pregnancy?


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  1. Well, I cried whenever I wanted to during pregnancy, even while I was sleeping, I would wake up crying. So weird! I also ate what I wanted to, but not too much since my family has a history of diabetes. I also read books that entertain me.

    1. One time I cried so much because I wanted some spaghetti so bad. Haha! Pregnancy hormones are crazy. I wasn’t too fond of books when I was pregnant with Ethan, but I do love to read. I found it weird nga that I wasn’t as attracted to books anymore.

  2. Both my pregnancy I really felt very paranoid about things. Kasi I felt na super pangit ko and I even don’t want to go out of the house anymore. I thought I loss my sanity but when I ask my OB natural lang daw sa preggy mommies maka experience ng ganun specially if first time.

    1. I know the feeling! My pregnancy with Ethan started out that way too. I managed to get over it eventually, hirap lang talaga kasi the whole experience is new and our bodies are changing, so hindi talaga maiwasan yung ganung pakiramdam. Again, hormones are to blame.

  3. I was lucky to have a really easy pregnancy and had morning sickness for only a month or so. I did experience some of those you had in the list though – I watched a lot of nerdy series like Bones (I watched this while I ate lunch!) and Sherlock. Hahaha. Most importantly, I watched my weight. It’s better to have the baby grow bigger when they are already outside the tummy as big babies make giving birth a lot harder.

    1. Lucky you! Morning sickness is just one of the worst things during pregnancy. Watching a TV series helps a lot, right?? It helps kill time, especially when you’re almost due and you’re just lounging around the house. And yes, watching your weight is very important, I learned that the hard way!

  4. When I was pregnant, feeling ko ang tagal ng araw. Gusto ko na nga manganak at 7 months. I stayed in the house lang kasi and wala kasama. Nagbibilang ng oras sa pagdating ni hubby. Watching TV and reading books and magazine lang ginagawa ko to keep my sanity. lol

  5. I got through it by blogging! Seriously, it took my mind off the “necessary evils” that came with pregnancy, like the ice cream cravings when I’m not allowed sugar due to gestational diabetes. Lol. Funnily enough, while I was blogging to the max I never once mentioned that I was pregnant (and I didn’t look pregnant because I got so thin because of GDT) and so when I finally posted a picture of my daughter everyone was blown away. ^_^

    1. Gestational diabetes must have been a bummer. And it’s tough to resist sugar while pregnant, well at least for me! Did you lose weight because of it? It’s awesome that blogging got you through all the “crazy”, I wish I had thought of that when I was pregnant, but then again, I was busy craving for pancakes. LOL

  6. when i was preggy, nagaasaran kami ni hubby one time then bigla ako umiyak, hindi ako napikon, basta umiyak lang ako! ahahaha! and i cried even on commercials too, that’s why i don’t watch movies that are madrama. instead, nag CSI marathon ako palagi.. but still may mga scenes na umiiyak pa rin ako. :p

  7. Wow, this is a must list for preggies ha. I find your article really recommendable. Pregnant women undergo so many physical and emotional changes they need advise on how to cope.

    1. I’m glad you like it! Even though pregnancies are unique to each woman, there are still similarities in one way or another. That’s why I decided to share my experience, I feel it might be useful to other soon-to-be moms! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I was fortunate enough to have an easy pregnancy – a twin pregnancy at that! No morning sickness at all. There were a couple of scary moments when they saw something potentially alarming in the sonograms but it later turned out ok. And I started freelancing/working at home soon after getting pregnant so I was able to get a lot of rest. Ang stressful yung after manganak, ha ha!

    1. Rina, you’re so lucky! If I ever get pregnant again I wish it were a breeze. Normal delivery ka ba? CS ako so I never went into labor and all, but post CS is not the best feeling in the world either.

  9. I did a lot of crying too! Hahaha! I had food cravings but they weren’t weird at all, just pizza and salad. Same food cravings for my three pregnancies. I also kept myself sane by watching a lot of pregnancy-related shows on the Discovery Home and Health channel. It helped to see other preggy moms going through the same things. πŸ™‚

  10. I am also the typical pregnant woman- cravings, all day sickness, emotional, but in last 2 months I was put in bed rest. Despite that, my baby now is very active. Oh I wanna get pregnant again..:-D

    1. That’s good to hear! I’m not ready for another pregnancy yet, but if I do get pregnant I want to skip the first trimester and the birthing process, like I’ll just fall asleep and when I wake up the baby’s there na!

  11. Pretty cool tips.. Most of it I think I did with my two pregnancies too. πŸ™‚ There’s no perfect “regimen” in keeping your sanity while being pregnant, and it’s true that it’s different with others. As long as you’re ok it’s good! πŸ™‚

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