Veggies: If You Can’t Eat Them, Drink Them!

I do not eat veggies.

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You read that right. Ever since I was a kid I despised vegetables and their presence on my plate. I think most kids start that way, though. However, in my case, someone attempted to shove vegetables into my mouth out of frustration and I think that’s where my war with vegetables began (FYI, it wasn’t my parents). So I got away with not eating vegetables when they gave up on me. At first I felt that I wouldn’t need to eat them for the rest of my life and that it was a sweet triumph. Eventually, though, I started to see the disadvantages. I was always sick, my skin was a mess and I constantly gained weight. For some reason I still managed to convince myself that I did not need vegetables in my life and that carried on for a few years more.

I actually tried to eat vegetables a few times, however, I never liked the leafy and earthy taste, nor the crunch on some. Is “earthy” even a word? I’m not sure but I can’t find any other way to explain it. I guess that during those times my body was begging me to try to make a change. But I simply played deaf and here I am now, the fat, sickly, unhealthy me.

A few months ago, however, I found my motivation and my reason to change my lifestyle and start eating healthier – a toothless, diaper wearing, nine kilo (to date) motivation.

My son.

He was my motivation for two reasons.

1. I wanted to give him healthy breastmilk.
2. My husband always argued that I have to set a good example to our son when he grows up. If he notices how I avoid vegetables, then he might make that a reason not to eat them.

One of my first attempts to appreciating vegetable was celery sticks and I have no idea why I thought it would turn out well. I researched online and a lot of people were saying that celery sticks with peanut butter were “delicious”. Cue the “wrong answer” buzzer. One bite and I hated it! Out of frustration I threw the celery stick out the window, that was how upset I was.

Then I remembered how one of my bosses from Canada told me before that making green smoothies was a good way to start. Around this time I also came across the Detoxify Bar on Instagram and found how celebrities were into their healthy juices made from fruits and vegetables. I was still unsure if I wanted to make juices or smoothies, but I thought that “drinking vegetables” would be my square one. Coincidentally, my father bought a brand new juicer, so I decided to start there.

I originally planned to order from the Detoxify Bar and have the juices delivered to my office in Makati. Unfortunately, they only deliver at night and I was on the morning shift that time so it wouldn’t work. Since we now had a juicer I decided to make my own. The Detoxify Bar has an array of juices which consist of different fruits and vegetables.

Screenshot from Detoxify Bar’s website

I was really dying to try these! Anyway, I decided to make my own juices from the fruits and vegetables listed on each of their juices.

My first juice
It sucked. Haha.
But I could easily experiment and adjust the ingredients, plus I found it tolerable and I preferred it over chewing vegetables. After concocting my juices, I decided to do a three day detox.
The three day detox involves drinking only these juices throughout the day, and of course, water. No solid food! I found it very doable, even though my family ordered pizza on my first day. It was hard but I managed. On the first day I realized the juices weren’t to my liking and there was this after taste that I hated. It turns out to be the cucumber. I hate cucumbers, even the smell irritates me. So on the next day I tried the juices without the cucumber but I still hated the taste. I managed to find a list of juice recipes on Pinterest (thank God for Pinterest!) and decided to try them on my third day. These tasted a lot better so I stuck with these and completed the detox without gagging or cringing on the last day. In case you’re interested, here is the link to the pin for the recipes:
Many people say that a detox would make you feel lighter and that you may even lose weight. I did not feel lighter but I lost five pounds, only to gain them back two days after even with a no rice diet. That was annoying.
I figured juicing was a no go. It was indeed healthy but I couldn’t stand having to drink those everyday. So I did more research and I stumbled upon The Superfood Grocer on Instagram.
Screenshot from the Superfood Grocer website

The Superfood Grocer sells a variety of superfoods that you can add to a smoothie for added benefits. Maca powder, spirulina, chia seeds are a few to be named. I was so curious about this so I decided to check their site and found that they offered a free Starter Guide. They do not only focus on selling these Superfoods but they also advocate raw vegan diets and hold workshops. I was not ready for that though so I stuck with the smoothies.

The basic smoothie recipe consists of ripe lacatan bananas, a handful of green leafy vegetables (the greener, the better), additional fruits of your choice and the superfoods, all mixed in a blender. I ordered their Starter Pack and tried my first smoothie and it was delicious. I repeat, delicious! Not “okay”, not “tolerable”. I loved it. It consisted of kale, bananas, pineapples and maca powder.
Though juices allow better absorption of nutrients, I find that smoothies make you feel fuller and are way more delicious. I have experimented with various recipes and my current favorite is a banana berry smoothie. I just throw in a handful of greens and my favorite superfoods for added benefits.
I’d rather not go into detail about their products but you can check their website for detailed information. You’ll find way more information there that is bound to get you motivated to blend your first smoothie. I swear by their Maca Powder. I gives me extra energy for work, exercise and taking care of my baby.
I just realized how long this post has become. Oops!
Anyway, whether it’s juicing or blending, I’m pretty sure both are good for you. It’s just a matter of preference, I suppose. For me, taste was a huge factor as I wanted to enjoy the experience of incorporating vegetables into my daily diet and that’s exactly what I found in green smoothies. I can’t wait for my son to try his own when he is old enough.
I can’t say that green smoothies will be my ultimate solution to my vegetable dilemma, but let’s just say it’s the ceasefire to my self-declared war. I find that drinking green smoothies make me crave better, healthier food for some reason and I would still eventually like to try eating vegetables. I still have a loooooong way to go, but I think I’m making good progress. I’m sure I will see and feel more benefits as I continue.
So there you have it. I really hope you found this useful and informative in some way.
Thanks for dropping by!


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