Thursdate: Our 2nd Visit to Fun Ranch Alabang

Two weeks ago I was supposed to take Ethan to Fun Ranch, but I couldn’t because there was a storm, then the week after we both got sick with stuffy noses. Last Thursday though, the weather was nice and we were snot-free (LOL) so I decided to finally take Ethan out for our 2nd visit to Fun Ranch Alabang so he could get active and meet other kids.



You gotta love Fun Ranch on a weekday. There weren’t too many kids so the play areas weren’t crowded, it was too bad though that there weren’t any kids who were his age. Bummer, but he still had a lot of fun! The weekday rate is P190 for an hour, and the accompanying adult for kids below three get to enter for free (Oooooh, that rhymed). You need to have socks to be able to enter the play area, but if you’re not wearing any or if you forgot to bring a pair, you can buy from them instead. They sell socks for both kids and adult at P50 each.

This was Ethan’s second time at Fun Ranch, the first was a few weeks after his first birthday. He was thrilled when we entered the play area, it seemed like the place was familiar to him. After struggling to put on his socks (he was too excited to run around), we went straight for this “Memory” puzzle, where you have to find matching pictures. He doesn’t quite get it yet, really. He just loved swiping the blocks.


When he got tired of that we headed to the ball pit. I remembered how much fun he had there during his first time.



He didn’t last long in the ball pit, after about a minute or so we was already bouncing towards me, motioning me to carry him out. It turned out he wanted to run around and climb up stuff. When he saw this slope, he immediately tried to climb on his own. Though he wasn’t able to do it on his first try (I had to guide and push him up), he managed to climb without help on his second try!

His second attempt. Good job, Ethan!
The yellow plank was wobbly, but it didn’t scare him!

I was really pleased to see my son go through the obstacles by himself. He still needed help through tunnels, but he managed everything else. I loved how he’d smile at me, knowing he has accomplished something new!

Err.. your foot is stuck.





You know one thing I don’t like about Fun Ranch? It’s HOT in there. That’s why I made Ethan wear a sando. I, on the otherhand, forgot my scrunchie, so my scary thick and long hair was all over the place. I think it got stuck a few times. And might have scared some kids. Yikes.

There are a number of slides in the play area, though not all of them are safe for young children. It’s good that they have age guidelines for each slide. This slide was not recommended for toddlers, but Ethan still got to play on a small slide that I did not take a photo of because I was busy playing on the slide too.


Later on, I let Ethan run around on his own and explore the area intended for toddlers, pictured below. I just sat on some rainbow colored stairs and watched him play, then I saw him approach these two young girls! The older kid wasn’t so friendly though, she grabbed her sister’s hand and lead her inside. Panira ng moment si Ate! So Ethan decided to keep himself busy with yet another puzzle that he could not understand (he just liked moving the knobs).



We took another run inside and he came across the mini basketball court. There were young boys shooting hoops and this little troublemaker decided to run around the court while they were playing. I tried to stop him but he kept running back inside to annoy the boys so he could have the court to himself.. and it worked! HAHA.



Since he couldn’t shoot the ball, he was happy just running around with the ball in his hands. He was laughing out of excitement and it was so much fun to watch! Shortly after, I could tell he was already tired, so I changed his clothes, handed him a bottle of milk and we headed to a nearby mall for his hair cut, which I will blog about soon.

I’m glad I was finally able to spend some time with Ethan outside of the house for a change. Though I was a sweaty mess after all the running, crawling, climbing and picture taking, I had so much fun with Ethan and I was just glad to see how his motor skills have improved compared to our last visit. I think I might make this a weekly thing now, and for P190 for an hour it’s not bad at all! You just have to make the most of it!

Westgate, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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  1. Wow! It sure looked your son had a blast! One of my daughter’s favorite spot in play place like Fun Ranch is the ball pit too. πŸ™‚ Mommy and baby bonding time is really one of the best! Happy for you and your son! πŸ™‚

  2. Same experience with my son when his first time at Fun Ranch Alabang, he loves to swim sa mga balls and run and climb all the obstacles since I cannot run after him all the way up buti na lang his dad is with us who can run after him. It’s so nice to see the kids in there happy place

  3. Too funny, especially the but about you scaring the kids! Hahaha. I want to go to a place like that, wala masyadong ganyan dito eh. And you know, I noticed most toddler girls are wary of toddler boys. Hmm, sinasanay? πŸ˜›

  4. We tried Fun Ranch once din when we attended a birthday party. My son wanted to try the big slide but did because they do not allow adults on it. May be when he got a little bigger. He had super fun!

  5. Ethan really enjoyed his Fun Ranch day! πŸ˜€ Recently my daughter went to a place like this, it was unlimited play. It was tiring, not because I kept on chasing her wherever she wants to go, but it was from shielding her from bigger kids na walang pakialam with the little ones! But it was really fun! She lasted for 2-hours, she wanted to play pa sana but we have to go kasi super crowded na. It was holiday pala!

  6. can’t wait to bring my little boy to such place πŸ˜€ maybe in the next year or two, he’ll be ready for those kinds of play areas πŸ˜€

  7. We love Fun Ranch Alabang! Kaya lang we moved na eh. πŸ™ I still think that it has the best facility for its niche. We haven’t tried Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas yet, but we’re planning to take the kids there soon.

  8. Fun Ranch on weekdays is the best! What I would usually do was take Little MrC and his cousin together, so that he had someone to hang out with also. But now they’re too big na for that haha. Di na sila interested.

  9. Your little one had a blast! πŸ™‚ Buti nalang madaming ganyan ngayon no? πŸ™‚ A safe place for babies and tots to play and have fun. πŸ™‚

  10. Awww. I miss Fun Ranch! We used to go to their Ortigas branch almost every weekend when my daughter was younger and I was still a working mom. We usually go there really early as in kakabukas lang para hindi pa crowded. I’m sure if we go there again, she’ll go crazy. I’m glad Ethan enjoyed. πŸ™‚

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