Discovering Minted x Help Me Decide On A Surprise!

My sister-in-law who is based in Toronto is giving birth soon to her second child. We’re all so excited to welcome another baby boy to the family, however I’m a bit sad that we’re miles away and we won’t be able to meet him in person.

I’d like to do something special for my sister-in-law, so I thought of having something custom made for when the baby arrives and then it hit me – birth announcements!


Though I can just easily make something in Photoshop and just email it to her, I thought it would be extra special to send her printouts – they can hand them out to friends and family and set one aside as a keepsake.

As I was browsing for birth announcement ideas, I came across Minted and I couldn’t help but adore their lovely prints. I ended up spending hours just browsing through their designs – they have wedding and party invitations, post cards, fabric and home decor.



“Minted is a design marketplace. We source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers.”

What’s great about Minted is that actual designers will work on your prints. You’re not just randomly uploading your photos to templates then pay and pray that they look good when they arrive.


After my sister-in-law gives birth I’m going to ask her husband to send me photos of the baby so I could order the prints and have them mailed directly to them. He’s into photography so I’m sure he’s going to take great shots of the baby. I can’t wait to pull this surprise on my sister-in-law! But I’m going to need your help deciding on what design to use, because all of the Minted birth announcement designs just too lovely!

Help me decide between these designs:

MIN-AJ2-BYA-001J_A_PZ “Little Man”

MIN-UZU-BYA-001_A_PZ “Introducing”

MIN-8VF-BYA-001_A_PZ “Handwritten Arrival”

MIN-HY3-BFS-001_A_PD Foil-pressed “Vintage Label”

I love the effect of the foil-pressed birth announcement. If I ever decide to get “Little Man”, “Introducing” or “Vintage Label” I’m planning to have them foil-pressed. The “Handwritten Arrival” looks good as it is.

So which design do you think I should use? Help me out and leave a comment below!


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  1. Hi everyone! Looks like “Introducing” got the most votes, so I’m going with that! Thank you helping me out! 🙂

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