Review: Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons

This is not a paid review. The product was a personal purchase and this post is my honest opinion of Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons.



I’m the type of person who always needs balms when on the go – I easily get dizzy and and a whiff of menthol always helps me feel better. I used to always carry Chinese menthol sticks that my mom used to buy me and I admit sniffing on them all the time when I was pregnant without even knowing what’s in them! Yikes!

So when I spotted Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons in a nearby supermarket, I threw a box right into the cart without even checking the price. When they rang it at the cashier I realized it only cost P99.75, not bad!


“One whiff is all it takes to get you hooked. Breathe in the goodness and let the good vibes from this mint balm soothe away the tensions of your daily hectic lifestyle. With an infusion of peppermint, eucalyptus, and bergamot, let this all-around wonder balm help relieve stress, mental fatigue, dizziness, body aches, and even skin boo-boos.” –from the Human Nature website


Would you believe that I have already been through four pots of this stuff since December? Let me tell who why I love Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons.

First of all the scent is really relaxing – just a dab or two of the product is enough for you to pick up the peppermint-eucalyptus-bergamot goodness of this balm. I like to apply this to my temples when I feel dizzy or stressed and it does wonders for me. I also tried this one time when my legs were feeling sore and it helped with my muscle pain.

Another reason why I like this balm is because it works in a pinch when I don’t have Vicks on-hand. When the Little Troublemaker has a cough or a cold I rub this on his chest and it helps him sleep better. I never have to worry about it being safe or not because it is all-natural. It also works well on his insect bites.

The only thing I dislike about the product is that there are bits of grain in the balm. I’m not sure if other people have noticed the same thing, but I feel a bit uncomfortable applying something grainy on my skin. But I don’t mind doing so when I really need it. I’ve read reviews saying the balm tends to melt and the packaging is fragile, but I haven’t encountered these problems myself when using the product.


To sum up my thoughts on Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons:




Relaxing scent

Provides some relief for cough and colds

Works well on insect bites

Helps alleviate dizziness

All-natural, has no petrolatum

Small enough to take with you on the go



Grainy texture


This product has become a staple for me and I keep one at home and one in my bag for when I’m on the go. I will definitely buy this again because I need every bit of the good, relaxing vibes Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons can give. Sometimes I just leave it under my pillow so that I don’t forget to apply a few dabs before sleeping. I would definitely buy this again because it’s the only balm I am comfortable enough to use on the Little Troublemaker’s skin for when he has coughs and colds.

The Clueless Mom’s Rating: 4/5 stars


Have you tried Human Nature’s Balm for All Seasons? How did it work for you and your family?



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