My Brow Makeover at Brow Lounge Alabang

If there’s anything else I’m clueless about besides motherhood, that would be make up. No matter how many video tutorials I watch, I just suck at applying make up, especially doing brows. Earlier this year I overplucked my brows and looked ridiculous for the longest time, good thing I work from home otherwise I’d be forced to learn how to fill in my murdered brows, which I can assume would not go well.

So I grew out my brows for months and they turned into this hideous shapeless mess. I decided that I would finally have my brows done at one of those brow salons I’ve read about online. After a bit of research I learned that the brow salon closest to me is Brow Lounge in Festival Mall, Alabang. I decided to finally pay them a visit earlier today.

brow lounge alabang -


I was in a hurry today so I didn’t have time to stop and carefully compose my photos. I just stole some shots as I was going through the salon. Typical me.

When I arrived the salon had just opened. It was clean and the ambiance was very welcoming. The staff who assisted me at the reception area was Rhea, she had me sign up and in a few minutes she ushered me into the salon.

brow lounge alabang -


I wasn’t able to get a clear shot of their menu, but as you can see they offer a wide variety of brow, waxing, lash extension and threading services. Rhea recommended just the Brow Shaping for me, which cost P340. Hmm, ‘a bit steep’ the cheap voice in me mumbled, but I decided to give it a try, after all, I was already there and it was way affordable compared to other brow salons which were hours away from me. So I went ahead with it and entrusted my unruly brows to Rhea.

brow lounge alabang -


I loved the interiors of the salon, digging the wall displays though not a fan of the color combinations. Let’s get back to brows, though!

Warning, ugly brows and scary eye bags ahead!

The whole process took about ten minutes. Imagine, I spent months with horrible brows and it was all fixed in ten minutes! Rhea was gentle when she was threading my brows although I still did wince in pain several times. She said my brows had no shape at all, but now that she worked her magic all I need to do is pluck any new or stray hairs to keep my brows groomed. Easier said than done especially after my previous brow massacre, LOL! So here is my before and after photo, though they were not taken at the same angle you can see the ridiculously obvious improvement!


brow lounge alabang -


I was so pleased with the result! It was definitely worth the P340 I shelled out. Now that I know that Brow Lounge is good at what they do I’ll surely keep coming back here for my, err, brow shaping needs.


brow lounge alabang -


Hooray for my new brows!



Brow Lounge Manila (formerly Brow Bar)

For branch information, check them out here:

Facebook: Brow Lounge Manila

Instagram: @browloungeph




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  1. Taray ng after photo!! hehehe.. Ang ganda ng pagka shape sis. Make sure mo lang na ma pluck mo yung mga stray hairs para ma maintain at makatipid ka ng P340. hehe! Ako din hirap sa eyebrows ko kasi may puyo sa dulo yung isa so chaka grabe! Anyway, na figure out ko naman kung paano ko na sya aayusin, kelangan ko lng maging religious sa pagbabantay ng stray hairs hehehe. =)

  2. I can relate Mommy Nicole! I’m exactly like that. But thank goodness for places like the Brow Lounge otherwise wala na pagasa kilay ko lol

  3. Haiz, mommy don’t fret you are not alone, I suck at makeups too. My everyday would look would be just powder and lipstick and a bit of blush.
    Your after brow picture has really improved, nicely done!

  4. I so can relate to you, haha. I’m not good with eyebrow grooming so I leave that to experts. If only I have the budget to get eyebrow embroidery, I have probably had one already.

  5. Hahahaha! Relate na relate ako sis… This is one field na talagang hindi kaya ng powers ko. I usually see brow salons but never occurred to me to try.. Nut after seeing your post, i think i’monna give it a shot. Sobrang unruly ng kilay ko it’s like it has a mind of its own. Tnx for sharing!

  6. Good brows can really make your face look so much prettier. I remember telling a make up artist friend that if I can have a perpetually perfect eyebrow, I would not need any make up at all. To bad I got shapeless bushy brows. Happy we have places like this now to save our lives (or face)

  7. Hi. Do you still go to Brow Lounge in Festival Mall, Alabang to fix your eyebrows? I plan to have them fix mine but I don’t know if their services are still okay. Thank you.

    1. Hi Al,

      I still do occasionally, there are days when I feel I can take on my unruly brows lol. I’ve never had a problem with their services. If you are concerned that they may go overboard you can ask them to go slow or always have that mirror in your hand so you can check how they’re doing. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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