Fridate With The Little Troublemaker

I was supposed to be off from work yesterday but I’ve decided to work twelve days straight since pay day is just around the corner. I know that it seems a bit extreme, but I love my job and I don’t mind putting in a few extra hours to help add to our savings. I was pretty tired today, but I decided to spend some time with Ethan. I figured he would appreciate being outside for a change, we’ve been cooped up in the house the whole week.

We don’t have a car so I couldn’t take him to a nearby mall, but my mom mentioned she was going to pick up some groceries at Rustan’s Evia, so I thought we could tag along and we could have coffee while Ethan ran around the mini (really mini) play area.

As soon as we arrived at Evia we accompanied our mom to Rustan’s and we were in and out within 15 minutes. After leaving the groceries in the car we headed to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. We were hoping there would be new establishments in Evia by now but I guess most of them will not open till Christmas season. I really hope they build a cinema, so that my husband and I won’t have to go far to watch a movie! Not that Alabang Town Center is far, it’s just that sometimes we’re just too busy.. or lazy!

Ethan at the play area
Ethan at the play area
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Quick Tip 3: Stinky Bottles?

If your baby’s bottles were left unwashed and are now stinky,
add baking soda to your bottle cleaning routine!

Baking soda is known to get rid of odor, and it’s all natural too! You can fill the stinky bottles with a mixture of soap, water and baking soda, shake the bottle with the nipple and cap, then let it sit for a few minutes. In most cases, even a quick wash will do the trick!

Don't give your baby a stinky bottle!
Don’t give your baby a stinky bottle!

Don’t forget to sterilize, as usual!

More quick tips here!

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Mr. Park’s Bread and Cake

Yesterday, my mom and I headed out to run some bank errands. When we passed Molito (Alabang) I noticed Mr. Park’s Bread and Cafe and remembered a Facebook friend raving about their bread. I made pa-rinig to my mom and said “Ano kaya meron sa Mr. Parks na yun”, trying to send a message that we check the place out. At first she didn’t seem to notice, haha! But on the way back home I was surprised that my mom took a turn and headed to Molito.. turns out she did want to check out Mr. Parks Bread and Cake!My mom and brothers bake, and I like to eat bread! (I’d love to learn but I don’t have my own oven) So we were curious about what Mr. Parks had to offer.

Mr. Parks has been around since 2013, but this branch opened in May of this year.
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Bibibons: The First 2 in 1 Baby Biscuit Nibbler and Cereal

A few days ago, I received a sweet little package in the mail from Rebisco.


They sent me a box of Bibibons! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the product so I was so excited to try it with Ethan (meaning I get to taste it too). We both love biscuits so I was pretty confident that he would end up liking it.

So, what are Bibibons anyway?

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A Disappointing Lunch at Cravings Molito

Last Friday, I asked my mom to accompany me to Puregold Molito, Alabang to do some grocery shopping. Once we were done we decided to have lunch at Cravings Molito, which was just a few steps away from Puregold.


My mom is quite a fan of the restaurant, we’ve had lunch a few times before at their Festival Mall branch but this was my first time at their Molito branch. Little did we know that we were up for a disappointing experience.

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