The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party


I’ve only been a part of the Mommy Blogger Philippines community for a few months, but I already feel so welcome thanks to the awesome mommy bloggers in the group. I met a few of them at the recent Blogapalooza event, but there was an even bigger event that brought all the mommy bloggers and their kiddos together – The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party!



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Momble: Social Media Redefined for Mothers

Back when I was pregnant with Ethan, I was constantly “googling” about what to expect during my pregnancy, childbirth, and of course, motherhood. Though I had a few friends at work who were more than happy to share their pregnancy and motherhood war stories with me, there were times when it felt awkward to talk about it around our other officemates. Admit it, mommies. When you were pregnant I’m sure that’s all you wanted to talk about, non-stop. Well, at least I did. Sure, reading articles on the web can prove to be informative, but nothing beats hearing first-hand opinions from actual moms.

What if I told you that there is now a social media site designed specifically for parents, especially moms like you and me?


Momble Philippines is the go-to website for Pinay moms, whether you’re a mom-to-be or a mother of three. Here at Momble Philippines you are sure to get relevant advice and information to anything from pregnancy to parenthood from fellow moms in the Philippines.

Signing up is only takes a few minutes! The website will only ask for minimal information which will never be shared to third party websites. Visit to register.


Once you register, you will be asked to confirm your email address and you’ll be good to go! You can complete some profile details so other moms can get to know you better.


I think a more appropriate question is “what can’t you do”. Momble is more than a website – it’s a community. Here you can share tips, advice, photos and even recipes! Make new friends, reconnect with old ones – Momble is all about bringing mothers together. Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

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Bibibons: The First 2 in 1 Baby Biscuit Nibbler and Cereal

A few days ago, I received a sweet little package in the mail from Rebisco.


They sent me a box of Bibibons! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the product so I was so excited to try it with Ethan (meaning I get to taste it too). We both love biscuits so I was pretty confident that he would end up liking it.

So, what are Bibibons anyway?

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Blogapalooza 2014: My First Ever Blogger Event

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be joining Blogapalooza 2014 – an event that brings bloggers and businesses together to make great things happen! I know my blog may be too “young” but I’m mustered up the courage to register, and although I was not part of the first 200 confirmed bloggers, I got my confirmation email today! I’m thrilled because this will be my first ever blogger event, and I can’t wait to see what this event has in store for The Clueless Mom!


You might be thinking, what’s is Blogapalooza?

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